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  1. Twas the Hour Before Bangin'

    Good write ups, folks. Thanks for the chat. I just didn't know if anyone else had any pre-meet up rituals like this or I was being crazy. I like getting my money worth, so if I'm there for an hour, I'm not done in sixteen minutes and am trying to run out of there.
  2. Twas the Hour Before Bangin'

    Thanks guys! I think because this is all so new to me, I'm not comfortable at ALL. I mean, once I get in there and things start moving, I'm fine, but it's the negative anticipation and dread that I feel in the run up to this...I'm sure it'll get easier with time.
  3. "Embellishing" Providers?

    Thanks all, good intel!
  4. So. New to the scene, but wanted to see what everyone else does here. It's been a long time since I'd been with a woman, so the first time back, I literally had to get off in a public restroom an hour before because I knew that I would not be able to sustain myself for long. Even then, I still came earlier than I'd wanted. The PROBLEM here for me is the second I get off, I instantly regret everything, want nothing to do with the opposite sex, want to cancel my appointment...for an hour or so. Then the beast comes back and I'm fine. But I still feel like, "Damn, what am I doing?" But I can't help but feel like I'm going through a McDonald's drive through on my way to a fancy steak dinner. Rambling now. Thoughts?
  5. "Embellishing" Providers?

    And if you show up somewhere and get an unpleasant surprise? Acceptable to call them out and walk?
  6. Okay, went through the process at P411, approved, then have been out on two dates in very short order. Both were EXTREMELY disappointing, and I'm not sure how to proceed, but it's making me wonder what correct etiquette is? Both of them covered their faces in one way or another, which is understandable, but when they both opened the door...the one was 20-30 pounds heavier then her photos let on (to a startling amount) and the other looked like she was using pictures of her daughter for her website despite her calling herself 31 in her profile (more like 51). As a newcomer to the game, I went through with it as I wanted to get my OKs under my belt and I had already provided more information about myself then I felt comfortable with, so yay there, I'm just angry. I have to provide all this information to the providers so they make sure I'm not a cop/serial killer, and I get it, but there should be a reasonable "hey, these are recent photos of me" on their profiles. Am I wrong here? Has anyone else been greeted by a provider who was more or less using Victoria Secret model level pictures of herself and been completely bait-and-switched? What should I do in this situation, because I'm about to get a little more aggressive in MY screening here (send me a picture of yourself holding up a flippin' newspaper and today's date, etc).
  7. I'm Not an Axe Murderer.

    You all convinced me. I signed up for an account. Damn the torpedoes and all that. You're not wrong, Bit. Still...paranoia can be a MFer.
  8. I'm Not an Axe Murderer.

    Thanks all, good advice. Certainly appreciate it. I also got some private messages from folks who commiserated with that newbie life. Hey, it's all new to me, and if people are comfortable with this 411 site...I just remember a few years ago when the whole Ashley Madison hack happened. I was still married at the time and had a good laugh at all the married men who had tons to answer for. Might just have to bite the proverbial bullet here. If that's the price of admission...I suppose it's more secure then my just wandering around Backpage and making random phone calls.
  9. New to the community. Want to get involved. I want to set up an account over on P411 to let everyone know that I'm not a crazy person, but due to the sensitive nature of this hobby, I can't give out my personal details. And so, the Mexican stand off of "I have to verify my identity but I can't verify my identity without verifying my identity" starts. I just can't risk my personal info getting out there. Any suggestions a reputable portfolio in this system? (And yes, I know that "I'm not an axe murderer" is exactly the kind of thing an actual axe murderer would say. :P)