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  1. I used to give my wife (now ex-wife) hundreds of dollars every month in exchange for the occasional boring mercy fuck or terrible obligatory sex. Then, after years of hen pecking and honey do lists, it became clear that she wanted to become a married spinster. I couldn't take it any more: I DECIDED TO TURN MY SELF IN TO THE LAW. Although the judge gave me a huge fine, he did set me free. The amazing thing is that there are wonderful ladies that actually want to have fantastic sex. All I really need to do is be a gentleman, talk like an educated human being, take a shower, brush my teeth, and every time I eat pussy make sure I eat that pussy like it's the last time I will every eat pussy. Then, BINGO, I have a great sex partner available for the rest of my life! Why anyone would tolerate paying for the "wifey" experience is beyond comprehension. From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU TOB!!
  2. Sharing references?

    What is the difference between a provider whose profile shows: References: Private vs References: 8. Specifically, what does the "Private" mean? Thanks.