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  1. Independent Asian providers

    On Backpage I've seen both providers ads that you've mentioned. Kumi is an agency. I've used there service before and it is very hit or miss with the ladies
  2. Swingers Clubs

    I actually found a provider who so called specializes in taking people to these clubs. She informed me that she is a regular at the Green Door and is okay with management there. I will let everybody know how it went
  3. Independent Asian providers

    Thanks for the info on Asian Alice @ assmaster. I'm not a huge fan of the bolt on's either and an asian lady with nice naturals is a beautiful site to behold. I will check her out
  4. Bbbjcim

    Kat Kovell and Sunny Smiles both give very good BBJ from my own personal experience but Kat actually dried me completely. That was the 1st time I've ever had that happen in my life
  5. Independent Asian providers

    @cobalt22 Thanks for the reply
  6. Does anybody know of any independent Asian providers. Most of the ones I've seen on backpage and myredbook are using fake photo's so it's kind of hard for me to take many of them as being credible. I would like to find an asian lady that also provides anal
  7. Jewish Amer Princess

    I'm not gonna lie I thought they were Transexuals until this thread was made. Thanks for the info.
  8. Swingers Clubs

    I might have to try out the Green Door next time I'm in town. @poonhunter made it sound very interesting but like @cobalt22 stated I think that isn't the norm at those spots
  9. Swingers Clubs

    Thanks everybody for the info. I guessed it might be the way most people have described it but you never truly know until you either go or get some info from a person who has been before.
  10. Swingers Clubs

    I've always wanted to check out one and I see there are a few out in Vegas but it is cheaper to go as a couple than a single male. Does anybody (A) Know which one is the best to go to ( What are the best days of the week to go © are any female providers game to go with a gentleman to help with the experience
  11. midget/dwarf koorean

    Anybody seen if this lil lady is back in town? Always wanted to experience being with a lil person
  12. Myredbook????

    Thanks for the info Ms RaniLane. I think i will checkout your profile
  13. Anyone out there????

    I feel silly posting back to back but the other reason I like this site is because people actually do chat a bit about different things and the hobby. I haven't really seen other sites that chat as much like here which is cool
  14. Myredbook????

    I know nobody has posted in this thread for awhile but what does it mean on RB when the ladies profile is a different color than everybody else's? I always wondered that but could never seen why
  15. It should be legalized any darn way in every state. The oldest profession is also the most recession proof. Might as well tax it. LOL