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  1. No Hobby for Me

    As a frequent guest to Denver, I'm always excited to see my lady friends. It's turn bone dry for me this trip. Man, this use to be Hobby Lobby. What happened?
  2. Favorite quotes or sayings

    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.
  3. Meiling

    Ya think? My message is too short, so ignore this part.
  4. Bbbjcim

    All true with the addition to respect for the provider.
  5. Bbbjcim

    Because I am a man and I know what mental state it takes to do this. I'm not talking about normal ups and downs. The subject was blowing a load in your mouth so you could swallow it down. That's a bit different than DATY.
  6. Bbbjcim

    This particular activity is the most degrading act a client can request. It places the provider in the most degrading situation the client can imagine. It is a way of diminishing all elements of Self esteem the provider can offer. <snip>
  7. never heard of this screening method

    I'm late on this one, but make sure there is a hotel toilet in the background as you take the picture in the bath room mirror. Throw in some tissues and unidentifiable objects. Chicks dig that.
  8. avitar confessions - what's yours?

    Yoko commissioned this tile work in Central Park across from the Dakota.
  9. This is really unfair. I think about it from time to time, but nope, I like mine shiny and clean shaven. I didn't invent it, but it was a damn good idea. In fact, I try to keep my own package neatly trimmed. Just seems like a nice thing to do for a good provider.
  10. Sticking up for providers?

    Does anyone here have any illusions about the fact that you are constantly being monitored and get spanked if you don't act right ?
  11. We All Have a Price

    Well, knowing full well what the damn thing is for, I'd say the idiot is the one that actually wants to stick anything in there.
  12. Does It Matter?

    No question if you are hosting. Not only will you be judged on ambiance, cleanliness is a big factor. Nothing fair about it, but that's what you get when you entertain. I'm an outcall kinda guy and I assume the same issues.
  13. The "I'm looking for a regular provider" routine...

    It absolutely amazes me how hard it is to give my money away.
  14. What is the most that you ever paid?

    500. is my flat fee. If the provider is not worth 500. I don't call. The rest is feature driven topping out at 1,500.
  15. Walmart - who knew?

    Airplane. Coming back from a business trip from Mexico City. Chic next to me says she's tired and wants to know if she can put her head in my lap. I say okay. She stays close to me in baggage claim, never saying anything, but its clear anything goes. The whole thing freak me out so much I never followed through. I figure if something comes along that easy, you might not be able to wash it off.