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  1. Old members you miss the most

    Delyte is who I miss the most. She was great and inexpensive.
  2. COS NURU - Jasmine

    Let me know!
  3. Ha ha

    Got that beat, in the military paying for college.
  4. Wife Zone or Unicorn?

    I've seen that. It's quite true too.
  5. TUMA?

    I didn't know that, thanks.
  6. TUMA?

    Anyone provide TUMA in COS or Denver?
  7. What ever happened to Delyte?

    Ah, ok...thanks
  8. What ever happened to Delyte?

    Huh? Since her review links are dead, I found these photos of her: http://escortphonesearch.com/719-581-9057/
  9. 411 - Chanel

    I can't find anything either.
  10. What ever happened to Delyte?

    White girl in her late 20's/early 30's? Anyone know?
  11. 411 Please Tyla

    Strange...but she's hot.
  12. Malinna in FOCO

    Does she speak English?
  13. fbsm for my girlfriend

    Ameera Cakes
  14. Lactating?

    Is anyone in COS providing who is lactating?
  15. fort collins

    Not from around there. If I recall correctly LE is active around there.