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  1. Anyone having trouble with p411?

    Whether accessing with safari or firefox I'm having trouble getting pages to load, etc. System seems very sluggish to not working. Problem been going on a couple weeks... Thanks
  2. 411 Riley

    The girl's hands look like she's 82, not 22
  3. Bad back

    I suggest you quit wiping your ass!
  4. 411 on Madison, huge boob german milf

    plus i think there are at least 3 different women in the pics
  5. Emari Tesar?

    I'll be posting a review, and yes she's the real thing!
  6. New to TOB greetings! :)

    Has anyone had the pleasure? Can't find any reviews? Please PM if appropriate. Thanks in advance!
  7. Ashleigh Sparks and Wedding Rings

    She has several reviews on TER... that's pretty available information, just sayin
  8. Amy Taylor

    You are correct
  9. Is it rude to ask...

    I agree... I've experienced both EB and p411 saying that the provider didn't smoke but it was very obvious and a real turn-off...
  10. 411 Input on Raquel Giovanni

    Personally I look for at least 52!
  11. Is Farrah 69 utr?

    Haven't noticed an ad for her in a while... anyone know if she went independent? Thanks
  12. Giving Out Personal Information

    Based on the consensus above it would seem like p411 is risky as well, but I agree that breaking in as a newbie is a little tough without it. I'm going through my second round of being a "newbie" and it's much harder to get the women I'm interested in to see me than it was 5 or 6 years ago.
  13. Dawn 69 - Utr?

    The FAQ's on the website confirm formerly of club 69, now independent