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  1. Is it Greek for you?

    I did try it once a long time ago and maybe my lover's technique was wrong but...that's the reason it is not part of my list of things to offer lol
  2. Hi All, So I have a quick q. I took a little time off and now I'm back. I wondered the whole time if I should put it on my voicemail, website, etc?? Is there a normal protocol for providers / hobbyst. I just didn't answer my phone and didn't post ads / participate online on anything but just wondering. Thanks!! And happy summer all
  3. Just had a quick q...newbie questions lol Is there a way to set your profile so that you are notified when you have a review posted? I now have two that I found by searching for myself but I never received an email notice letting me know? Would be a nice email surprise to receive lol TGIF everyone! Enjoy
  4. Newbie question

    Hi y'all! As a newbie I've been trying to come up with good verification questions. I've clearly been asking too many questions But hey, I have to feel safe and I'm not sure what the industry standard is yet until I can access websites like p411, verifyhim, etc It seems like a catch 22, when I need to verify someone to get a review but I need a review to verify someone..limbo land!! Anywho, for providers...can you pm with suggestions or just put them here. And for hobbyist if you can let me know what is normally expected on your end. It seems like there are a lot of different expectations out there as one provider can be more lax and another more demanding in her list of verification questions. Will really appreciate your feedback!!
  5. I love my job because...

    Oooo that sounds like fun job too!!
  6. I have fun everyday...i go to events like bon jovi, and i talk to people all day...y do u love ur job?
  7. Help with account approval?

    Hi Ladies (and Gentlemen too of course ) I'm trying to get approved for a, can any of your refer me to speed it up for me? I'd owe you big time!! Hopefully I'm not overstepping the boundaries here again (still learning!) Thanks everyone!
  8. Hi everyone! Newbie provider Solamy Peak

    I sure plan on it ^.^!
  9. Looking for young petite provider in Denver friends call me 'fun sized' and honestly it does stick!
  10. Hi everyone! Newbie provider Solamy Peak

    Thank you guys! I sure feel welcome
  11. Hi everyone! Newbie provider Solamy Peak

    Thank you!
  12. Hi, I'm new to the biz and just wanted to say hello to everyone. [snip - marketing/ad info] Look forward to learning Sunday Funday all!