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  1. New to TOB

    Many welcomes & stay safe dear <3 Much Love, LeAnne
  2. New Here!

    Welcome to the board! Much Love LeAnne
  3. Reviewing a FBSM...Is that a normal thing?

    Reviews are a good thing to have (: But not mandatory. Some gents just feel more comfortable with a lady who has one or two. In my experience. Also, congrats!
  4. What's In Your Toolbox?

    For myself I do my best to do these things, this isn't all of them but more so a short list for myself. - Stay active on Twitter (I'm new to it so its a work in progress) - Have occasional uploads of selfies (Keeps appearances recent) - Currently Pending Professional Shots (Cause those are always a nice addition) - Always adding more to my website or updating it in one way or another. (I as a person change which means sometimes my interests or menu changes a bit, people need to know) - Try to post ahead (Prebooking has always been easier for me an a good portion of gents I see, plus makes screening easier if I need to get ahold of a lady) - Do my best to respond when I am available
  5. In my experience having a simple "about me", Donation rates, & how to contact me can work out pretty well. Make sure what pictures you use are as updated as you can get them - or go have fun doing a few selfies. Keep your likes & dislikes on a website or P411 though and not in the ad, as it could cross some guidelines depending on the board. I understand you were mostly looking for a "gent's" point of view but I didn't think it would hurt to comment <3
  6. Mr Number

    I typically use alternate screening methods because Mr N has kinda been all over the board with different things. Difficult to weed out stuff.
  7. New to Denver! :)

    Welcome and much love dear!
  8. South Bay

    TNA is popular in Cali & P411
  9. Too many ?'s....

    Isn't that the truth lol.
  10. Traveling ladies

    TNA is a huge board there, also p411.
  11. Apologize

    Oh baby xD Sorry couldn't help but comment.
  12. Too many ?'s....

    I always direct them to my website and reviews. Otherwise assume its YMMV. I don't like a lot of questions either hence making a website and racking in reviews to make it easier for both parties.
  13. Frustrated

    Most ladies need references or just someone to fill out the screening info (either on their website or in an email or what not). Once they pass that its pretty easy peasy.
  14. Is BP a negative place?

    I use BP occasionally and am thankful to have a twitter xD It leads to my website then here so I occasionally get some quality clientele from there.
  15. Photogs In the Area

    I'm wanting to get some updated professional photos done and was curious if there was any local photographers in the area that are provider friendly. Please feel free to PM the information & link to their portfolios. Thanks!