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  1. Collecting

    I have a bunch of assorted books and such
  2. How to treat a client

    It really depends on the lady. With new people I've never seen active on the board or are new new I request a little more information or that they should see me after they have posted a few reviews and have established themselves. However if its someone I know has done quite a few reviews, is well-ish known on the board for presence then I'll usually just take that. To each their own. <3
  3. Suggestions Please

    You will run into this occasionally, some will discuss a few things after screening or after the first visit. It really depends on the lady. Happy Hobbying <3
  4. Face pics

    Its a tricky situation like a puzzle box. Risk outing yourself while being bold and go with the flow. Or, provide what minimal security we can get and keep the full face photos out.
  5. Refrences

    Always dear <3 I ensured to keep it bookmarked for those days.
  6. Advice

    Welcome dear, I always enjoy the Cabaret personally speaking, the botanical gardens is also very gorgeous this time of year.
  7. Refrences

  8. P411 is now a closed community

    My suggestion as a Provider with a website is to keep an eye on their profile. Our website info will be most up to date on there. Or at least I know most of us will update it there.
  9. Fraud references

    Every provider who is reference friendly has their own dynamic for it which I completely support. However I personally have ran into two types of issues with references which is; A - The client gives references, I reach out and all is well then dude mistreats the session which did not match the reference at all or B - The client gives references, the lady for some reason gives nasty response because she thinks I'm stealing someone of hers This does not say that every reference I have taken and questioned has gone this route it's just an unfortunate situation I have come across quite a few times. While yes, I am reference friendly with restrictions, I still require additional screening because these times are hell. Stay safe ladies and do what you gotta do.
  10. The new protocol?

    Get screened first via whatever format the lady needs. & if she doesn't have a website to give you general information like donation or general feel of what she does only then may it be okay to ask. Do the research first. Even then, be prepared to get walled with a "I don't discuss services".
  11. TOB is dead

    a whole lot of opinion for someone who hasn't even been here for more then a few months.
  12. Listing gone forever?

    Adjustments are necessary in order to stay in the game. If you don't have a website or something already I would suggest investing in one if you are one to be uncomfortable discussing stuff.
  13. Nothing to see here

    A wise idea that if you don't already have a website - look into making one. That way you can direct people for information gathering.
  14. I am So Ready For Summer how about you

    I am, bring on the warm weather. I'm delighted to wander around in dresses or shorts for the next few months.
  15. Onebackpage.com

    I am personally wary of a new "bp" site suddenly popping up right after the main one was taken down. But that is simply me. I'm content sticking to the avenues I am with that have been around for a bit. Just my 2 cents, stay safe ladies & gents.