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  1. Where are you all finding providers in the Baltimore area now that BP, TER, etc are gone?
  2. 411: Audrianna Rosr

    She's been advertising here for several one has any info?;( oh, to toftt or not?
  3. 411: Audrianna Rosr

    AudriannaRose Colorado Companion Anyone seen this lady. LOVE me a mature busty woman. Legit? Can anyone tell me if she speaks good russian...?
  4. 411 - Alanaa

    I arranged a date by phone. She told me she would text me address. I sat on side of road for 45min. When I texted asking if we're still on she ghosted me. Never did hear back.
  5. 411 on Jordan2

    I inquired and she gave me lower rates than I expected. When I didn't respond immediately I got another text dropping the rate even lower if I could "get there fast." Combined with no reviews, Colorado number, and lakewood...i felt it was too risky...
  6. 411 - Alanaa

    Alanaa Colorado Companion Has anyone seen Alanaa? Wanting to see her not sure if she's gfe?
  7. Weird appointment request

    As a guy it's gotten hard to find what I'm looking for. I can no longer see pricing and have to ask. I can' tell if a woman is gfe or rub or massage. I can' tell menu like utf or Russian which are very important to me. So, text or email is how I have to find this info. I am emailing and trying to figure this all out (which a few weeks ago I could do all this with a click.) When I get a response, so far it's either out of my price or I can't tell what services or menu is like. So...conversation ends. I prefer to say "Thanks but out of my pricing range" or but yes, sometimes the communication just stops. Top it all off with the influx of new faces and names on TOB lately, and it' all a very hard situation. And it's hard on man and woman alike.
  8. Traveling the world, where to next?

    There's not much fun in Sacramento. Infact, its where people go when they get uncureable diseases because every day in Sacramento feels like a year.
  9. The Horse That Just Won't Die

    Wrong, Lucy. I saw you starting 2010 back at your oldest incall in aurora, saw you there 3 times. Then saw you again at some new apartments in another part of town. Then saw you again in those same apartments after you moved from one of the units to another unit in the same comples. 5 time's we've seen eachother, yet your stuck on the last one. Which, yes, I left unhappy. And why I haven't been back. That's the point of my post. And that I have found better at the exact same price point. AND ive tried to come back and make amends, and when I tried to book last minute you had raised your rates. Which I wasn't about to pay MORE. So yes...I canceled. I will admit that I tried to see you, was disappointed by your response, and canceled.
  10. The Horse That Just Won't Die

    I honestly believe that the market sets the right price. There's a lot of different levels of quality in this hobby. There's the street walkers and/or QV specialists, there's the high end ladies, and everything in between. Here in Denver it is no different. There's a LOT of options in the 80-120 per hhr world (or the ~200/hr world), so I wouldn't say the market is off...I'd say that there's a LOT of ladies available at that rate and a lot of men seeing them at that rate. This means...the market is working perfectly. So the question do you raise your rates? Well, see the profiles of ladies like Jade, Sapphire Jones, MichelleASP and others. They are all thriving in the 300-400 an hour range. Its not impossible, but they have a market for them at that rate and they're able to capitalize on it. I use to see the OP of this post often. Somewhere along the way I felt that the quality of the sessions went downhill and im NOT trying to be a jerk. Last time I saw her, which was like the 8th time, I was rushed in and out. Unfortunately I had to make a BUSINESS decision that I could get better quality, better performance, and better effort from somewhere else. And...I was right. I've found so much OTHER quality at that exact same price point. Finally, the reason I DO go back to see many of my favorites over and over is that they seem to appreciate my repeat business and go out of their way to accommodate me. So...they get a lot of business and I get high quality and we ALL seem happy. Unfortunately, the OP hasn't seemed to have figured this out. Just my opinion.
  11. PSA

    Its a secret I don't want women to know...but...the slower the UTF, the faster I cum. The faster the UTF, the slower I cum. If you want me up and out the door, do a nice slow eye contact BJ...
  12. 411- Paige

    Paige 303-638-7192 Colorado Escort Anyone seen Paige? Ive seen her on Backpage and I've seen her profile here, but cant find any reviews. Can anyone help out with what is on her menu?
  13. I got a text

    I use to love that, I did see her once when she herself was on special. I actually love to read her newer articles about being reformed and against the industry, and then day dream back to that day when she was on her knees and practically inhaling my...well, nevermind. You get the point...sorta funny now.
  14. Crossing boundaries....

    I would further suggest you make your Facebook "private" with only friends able to view it. Even more than that, make sure your email and phone numbers are hidden and not searchable. That does a decent job of making that side safe.