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  1. PSA

    Its a secret I don't want women to know...but...the slower the UTF, the faster I cum. The faster the UTF, the slower I cum. If you want me up and out the door, do a nice slow eye contact BJ...
  2. 411- Paige

    Paige 303-638-7192 Colorado Escort Anyone seen Paige? Ive seen her on Backpage and I've seen her profile here, but cant find any reviews. Can anyone help out with what is on her menu?
  3. I got a text

    I use to love that, I did see her once when she herself was on special. I actually love to read her newer articles about being reformed and against the industry, and then day dream back to that day when she was on her knees and practically inhaling my...well, nevermind. You get the point...sorta funny now.
  4. Crossing boundaries....

    I would further suggest you make your Facebook "private" with only friends able to view it. Even more than that, make sure your email and phone numbers are hidden and not searchable. That does a decent job of making that side safe.
  5. Ive seen some ads of ladies offering "hour specials" and one in particular has been on my radar a LONG time. I'm about ready to pull the trigger and see her. But...I do prefer multiple pops when I do an hour appointment. My question is...should I expect multiples when a lady is running a special for an hour?
  6. NO Bait & Switch!!!!!

    OMG @ Hailey Leigh wholly cow I wish that girl DID escort!
  7. Burning Man

    Burning man happens in the Northern Nevada Desert. It's a festival centered around they set up a huge wooden man and burn it. They entire thing is a very hippy, drugged out weekend of raving, partying, free love, and craziness. The festival atmosphere includes art exhibits, no shade, too much sun/heat, no showers/water, and camping outside. One I remember was a huge rat-maze made for humans that took me hours to get out of. People dress up (if they wear clothes) in costumes like Halloween and just get BONKERS in the desert. Oh, the memories, lol. I use to live near Tahoe which is sorta-close and have been twice. Both weekends were something I'll never forget, and would never do again. LMAO. Just not really my scene.
  8. Western Lilly. 720-416-5744

    All this time ive seen her ads I thought she was white. I don't care at all just surprised shes a 50+ black woman, didn't see that coming.
  9. Loving life.....and moving on....

    If I came across as saying anything negative to/about anyone, I apologize. I was trying to say that I say a lot of sweet things to Bella, and I hope she hears them. That's all:)
  10. Loving life.....and moving on....

    I have had several really good back and fourth PM's with Bella. Why does all the negative stuff stick in your head, but all the nice things...friendly, comforting things...that some of us doesnt stick in your head? Sometimes our filters are set to only see the bad stuff and all the good stuff that people say/do for us goes unnoticed. I literally find that a refreshing outlook often makes things better. You can get SO STUCK in a frame of mind that nothing seems good. Try to unstick your mind...I suggest some thorough DATY but to each their own...
  11. So That's What That Means.....

    Eye contact. Smiling. Suggesting multiple TittyFuck positions. The UTF comes with attitude, like "you want to TF, well WATCH THIS!!!!" sorta thing. That's the UTF, and its a hard thing to find. Was with a wonderful young lady just few weeks ago with a ROCKING rack on her. When I went for the TF, she seemed weirded out...confused...not sure what to do...that's NOT the UTF. On a side note, if anyone thinks they know a woman who provides the UTF we are speaking of, please send me a PM as I am always looking for the elusive UTF. LMAO:)
  12. So That's What That Means.....

    I've been seeking the UTF (Ultimate Titty Fuck) for literally years around here. You could call me a connoisseur.
  13. Who Watches LivePD

    At first I didn't like it, found it a lil slow/boring. But the more I watched the more I LOVED the subtlety of it. Its the excuses the people give, its the funny situations they find, etc. Often I like the slow traffic stops better than the high speed chases and such. Cops was a little more action flick, while Live PD is a little more of a slow-build with an action sequence now and then.
  14. 411 on Jessismiles?

    I found the Naomi Rose scenes. If you're going to see her, I would suggest checking out the scenes to see what she looks like. Face definitely matches the video. She doesn't seem to have the perfect butt but she's pretty smoldering hot, too
  15. 411 on Jessismiles?

    6 reviews here on TOB. By people with many reviews. All are stellar reviews. I just don't see why ANY of you think she's "fake". Does anyone know her porn name?