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  1. Favorite in Session?

    This whole album is magic!
  2. Visual turn ons

    A woman wearing a hockey jersey and red panties sitting on my bed while giving me the come hither stare. That is my kryptonite.
  3. Christmas wishes

    BitBanger gets points for catching my odd humor lol.
  4. Christmas wishes

    Last Christmas, I got a tight sweater. This year I'm asking Santa for a moaner or a screamer. Merry Christmas to all!!
  5. Gifts, Gifts, Gifts

    I had bought a couple bottles of wine for a provider, then she cancelled. I am thankful for my thoughtful gift for myself I guess lol.
  6. Outcall Fails

    I am slowly shedding my noobie skin, but I have learned this, a first encounter outcall is very scary for a lady. I really wanted to have a particular provider over because I had the run of my place when my housemates were all out of town. What I saw as opportunity wasn't looked at in the same light. There are always two sides to the story and with it, at least two perspectives. The lady and I honestly discussed it after the time had passed and I was enlightened far beyond my self centered tunnel vision. I hope to see her at a later time, in a manner in which she is comfortable. It should be a safe and mutual set up, and delivery/arrival. That way, everyone wins! PS. I still did see a wonderful woman that night at my place, but it was someone I have seen before because we have established trust. Just my perspective.
  7. I agreed to pick her up

    The only solution I have found is Giordano's will ship frozen here. Next time I order one, perhaps I will call you for a playdate and dinner.
  8. I agreed to pick her up

    Lived here my whole life, but I visit Chicago a lot. I wish I could find a great Chicago dog here, and would walk through glass naked while listening to Justin Bieber for a good deep dish.
  9. Most desired toys?

    Oh I figured it out. I'm slow, but not daft lol. My list just keeps getting longer and longer because of all these sexy, intriguing, and amazing women!
  10. Most desired toys?

    Now I want to try a sex swing.....sigh
  11. New client trying to join community

    As a noobie myself, BadBoy hit that out of the park. Research, Respect, Reputation, Respect, and then finally Results. YMMV is huge too. It's business, but not all business. Be clean, be prompt, be courteous and you will be ok. I love that adrenaline and the experience myself.
  12. Should I leave a bad review?

    That's kind of where I felt on the issue. I just wasn't sure what the protocol was in the best interest of the community. We all can have off nights and should not be looked at in a bad light because of an off night. Thank you for the input!!
  13. Should I leave a bad review?

    I ended up leaving after a 10 awkward minutes at her in call. Thanks for the advice!
  14. Should I leave a bad review?

    Nope, did not take one for the team. I ended up looking up someone else, going through screening and had an amazing time with her.
  15. Should I leave a bad review?

    This past Saturday night I tried to meet someone and, as bad as it may come across, get them off my list. First, am I a horrible person for making a list of providers I want to spend time with lol? Second, the encounter was a nightmare. Delays, personal issues, and then when we finally did meet, she wasn't ready, couldn't find condoms, so I said it was not meant to be and I left. I was patient, and courteous, and I understand life happens. Should I just keep it to myself, or is a bad review necessary? I ended up meeting with someone else (amazing experience BTW) so I still had a blast that night, but the earlier incident almost made me want to stop hobbling. I am so new to all this and just want to get some advice. Thanks!!