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  1. Time Wasters

    I totally agree with cobalt, there are girls that provide vague info about themselves in their posts or when you call. They don't want to talk about their height or weight, or services. Some will just say they cannot discuss on the phone but will when you meet. So what's a guy to do? Make a date and have someone you least expect who upsells everything? And some are so rude that they hang up once you start asking questions. Girls, put it out there, describe yourself and don't just say you will show me a good time because that's what they all say. Say what you do and do what you say.
  2. They both had an orgasm and with the first girl I heard like a pop from her pussy and I saw two droplets squirted out about 3 inches onto the sheet. Then a blob of white creamy stuff started to ooze out, looked like a small marshmellow but more liquidy and what I would described as white nectar. The second girl a week later was somewhat different and I will further describe that in detail in another post.
  3. It's a rarity, never ever experienced it in all the years then had two in two weeks with two different girls! I'm not talking squirting or a gusher like you see in porn,, but an actual ejaculation of sorts from the vagina intself!
  4. I should have known better when I saw her profile using the exact words from another girl's post! Called her 805 area code number and made arrangements for her 200 incall special. Once she got the money the upsell started, more for this, more for that. Piss poor attitude, pictures didn't look like her, must have stolen them from another provider just like she stole the profile from someone else, word for word! Stay away guys, not worth it!
  5. Tall Jennifer on mojo

    I noticed she's now posting on BP, w4m section, so I emailed her. Her availabilty is limited as she only does this part time, a single mom bartending and going to school.
  6. i got to thinking that in all my hobbying, i would have to say that i've only met two that i would consider the prettiest ever! without a doubt.
  7. Info on Sydney

    called her once, pissed poor attitude, read somewhere her pics are not real and her service is terrible. check her out, let us know!!!
  8. is mojo down ?

    mojo is down again, after back online for 3 days
  9. Info on Brandi

    called her once, didn't quite like her attitude on the phone so i passed.
  10. Info on Ginger

    What do they charge to post? I suppose a credit card is required. Can they delete a review or a negative ad? There are a few fakes on BP I would love to expose.
  11. Info on Ginger

    Good Girl RaniLane!!! I thought she looked too good to be true. What a fake, too bad we can't expose her on BP where she posts.
  12. Info on Ginger

    called her once, had such a piss poor arritude on the phone so i passed.
  13. is mojo down ?

    one site says it's up, one site says it's down.
  14. is mojo down ?

    Haven't been able to log on for 2 days. One site says no, one site says yes
  15. Any thoughts on Deanna?

    try this