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  1. Scarlet Ranch

    I so want to check those out! So hard to want to go alone!
  2. Paris (dayum!)

    Obviously not which is why OKC says after Christmas. I dk why the blatant attack when I'm happy to please lol as far as Western slope to fort Collins it depends on the day. While the city is absolutely convenient I must confess I love the mtns! It takes more gas to go but it's so breathtaking I'm a sucker! I have an RV so I love to park in the gorgeous views but I only occasionally get to go. Hope that clears up the witch hunt. I was shocked lil ole me was so popular lol
  3. Paris (dayum!)

    Wow I didn't know I was so popular lol I was told about this thread so crazy to read. I own my own domain name and I have a website and I'm now on like every board. Yes I do bb haters will hate it is what it is. oh and for all concerned I am absolutely Not in any way associated with law enforcement. [snip] #getthefactsrightbeforeyouhate and to sparkey why would giving a girl a facial EVER be a turn off