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  1. Hi hi hi!

    according to my daughter, the hooky pooky is what it is all about
  2. South Aurora/Centennial Provider recommendations

    Ah Grasshopper, research is good, but what if one is someplace like say, Durango, where no board exists? one must ask.....
  3. New To The Other Board!

    welcome and enjoy!!!
  4. Happy Birthday Lucy Kitten!!

    Happy B-Day Lucy enjoy!!
  5. Happy Birthday Lucy Kitten

    I hope you had a great one
  6. Happy Birthday Fancy

    haeve a great b-day lovely one
  7. Hi Everyone!

    welcome back
  8. Name change ideas

    you could go with Sexy Sydney;)
  9. I think you can do it, it is all about attitude!!
  10. an interesting question and several good points being made. Cherry I agree this is an entertaining discussion and people should not be offended. Every situation is different. yes I wish my wife was more like an asp but I married her for other reasons.
  11. For fans of tits... and GoT

    I saw the first season on dvd, it was great, reading book 4 now and love it
  12. Adult Woman+Pigtails=Stupid

    I agree with Jez, and Lucy for that matter. It is all a matter of taste, and really, why post about it?
  13. Just wanna say hello Denver!

    welcome and enjoy
  14. Would you bang her?

    not a chance, too crazy