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  1. Chloe Conifer 411

    Last time i saw her was a couple years ago and she said she was retiring soon. One of the best providers in Denver imo so If she is back I highly recommend seeing her! Also let me know if she is cause I would love to have another visit with her
  2. What are your hobbies out side the hobby?

    Work, more work, and if I get a chance some Xbox, golf, gambling (Blackhawk > Vegas) and trying some new whiskey
  3. On the clock

    Me trying to figure out how to get magically get a provider to have a more northern incall on a day that lines up with my sporadic day off My hobby time is usually pretty scarce and unpredictable so it's difficult to catch the few that occasionally to venture up north when they do and I'm not going to see someone just because they closer. Thankfully I have found one lovely lady that is in North Denver but there's it so far. I like to think I'm a good communicator. I always let them know where I'm coming from, approximately how long it should take me, and if I run into anything unexpected that slows me down along the way.
  4. On the clock

    I'm curious, what would you ladies say the official start time of an appointment is? The time agreed to via text/call, once the guy arrives, after he showers if he needs to? Would you make adjustments if he's running late due to traffic or weather? I've always gone off of the agreed time unless she asks if I can wait I little bit, then I go off of when I get the ok to come in. The majority of the lovely ladies I've had the pleasure to meet so far are around DTC or a little farther south and aren't available later in the evening after traffic's died down so coming from Greeley it can take me anywhere from 1 to 2.5 hours to get to their incall leaving me stuck trying to find that sweet spot where I'm still on time if there's bad traffic and having to park somewhere for thirty minutes waiting for our appointment time. I'm spending about twice as much time driving (round trip) than I get to spend with the provider and it's kind of a bummer that I lose a little bit more time because of something like an accident that popped up from the time I leave Greeley till I make it to Denver or cause I need a shower from the long drive. Don't get me wrong it's worth it 90% of the time so imma keep doing it but I'm just curious on people's thoughts.
  5. What's the oddest place you've done it???

    Couch and bed are the only places I've done it, you decide which is the oddest
  6. Greatwhiteamy (720)386-7367 Colorado Companion Any have any insight or info on this lady? I've noticed she posts at the exact same time as several other ladies, tinyeye and Google don't come up with anything on any of her pictures, searched her phone number and only thing it pulls up is for another site and an ad with the same pictures and location. Age is off by 5 years, height off by an inch and cup size is different. What do you all think?
  7. Simone 702-904-6197 Colorado EscortꮆꮎRꮆEꮎuѕ-latina-big-b-bs-juicy-ass-ꮃhꭺꮖ-ꭰꮢꭼꭺms-ꭺ/45720122
  8. Lisa 720-309-1965 Colorado Escort
  9. Denise 720-467-8955 Colorado Escort
  10. I'm trying to get into the hobby, I've seen many appealing ads on here but can't decide who should be my first! Anyone have a recommendation on a provider in the Denver/Foco area that is newbie friendly and would make for a great first time? Thanks!
  11. Newbie

    Hi, I'm a newbie to the hobby, yet to have my first encounter. Quickly I've realized the providers I'd like to meet require references and as a newbie I obviously have none. Anyone have and tips on how to get started? Any advice, tips, suggestions on this or the hobby in general would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!