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  1. It hadn't really been my thing in the past, but lately I've found that sometimes all I really want is some UTF on short notice. I've been to two different AMP's in the last couple weeks, and got a massage that was surprisingly better than the phoning it in I was expecting, but both times it appears that had I not asked, there would have been nothing more than just the massage, and all I did get was the minimum definition of a happy ending. So clearly there was no fear of me being LE. What's the usual/polite/comfortable way to ask for more? Should I ask in the beginning, middle, end? The other bit I haven't liked is the vagueness as to price for the "upgrade". Both times there was a non-specific ask for extra payment after the fact, and the extra money I of course expect, but I've been bothered by the vagueness of the ask, and the sense that any reasonable amount I give will always be met with the same mild look of disappointment which has more to do with trying to get more than it does with whether or not the amount was reasonable. The other bummer about having to ask at the end was that it would have been nice to have things naturally progress from a massage to more rather than, "Okay, that's it!" followed by me asking. My ideal would be that we both know up front what I'm paying and what I'm getting so there's no haggling vibe to ruin the mood. And as long as I'm asking, does anybody have any recommendations?