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  1. any info on annabelle?

    As I mentioned above, Annabelle is the old brunette Annie, a cold cucumber with 2 bad reviews, as she is in a rush, and just lays there. I did talk to her on the phone, and she really has an attitude. I know a lot better ones than her, and they are just as pretty. They give me a good time, and they enjoy it , too.
  2. Info on Ginger

    One problem with posting an info ad on BP is that there are roughly 50 posts per hour, so in just 4 hours there are 200 posts and yours will be near the bottom. Im not sure how to expose these agency girls with ads. I guess just telling everyone the red flags for agency girls, such as ask them first if they have all-inclusive rates, and a "show-up"fee. Also, they are so paranoid, they wont say if they will kiss, or do ANY kind of service. And yes, a credit card is needed for BP and for post.cityvibe.
  3. The Eros guide girls are mostly, but not all, agency or high end girls. If you call her, be sure to ask first, if the rate is all-inclusive, and if there is a "show-up" fee or a flat rate. If they are evasive, they are agency upsellers. They also will insist on your room number, or home address, but don't give that to them, its very risky. Meet them in the lobby, or at a Starbucks.