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  1. I have seen Kathryn a couple of times. She does only outcall. She is a goth, with tattoos and some piercings, young, and one of the best ever for performance. She looks much better in person than her pics. She has a lovely slim body with clear complexion, great boobs for playtime. She has "grandfathered" me in, but I understand she has raised her rates, so you need to check on that. She is an A++ girl.
  2. Need advise

    This girl is a professional adult model. You can image search her pic. She will not be the girl you contact. If you want to check one of these girls out, call and ask if their rates are all-inclusive, if they are evasive, hang up. If you get this far, ask if they have a show-up fee, and if they do, hang up. If you get this far. ask them to meet you in the lobby or at a Starbucks, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR ROOM NUMBER OR ADDRESS. If they wont meet you in the lobby, that is a red flag. Really, if you want some honest non-agency scammers, see only reviewed girls, pm me for the 3 main review sites in Las Vegas. You can also see these legit gals, Carly, Evina, Leslie 2366, Mercedes, Amy, Tayler, Lynn Flatrate. Gia EE, Tia Sunset, and Sierra are all on another site.
  3. Best BBBJ?

    It seems the BEST blow job is entirely subjective. The best ones Ive had were Kathryn, Robyn, and Harley. I think that's because their bodies were the type I like, and their looks were quite attractive to me, but the great mouth and deepthroat were the best, and thats my personal opinion. You might try them.
  4. Best BBBJ?

    Cassidy is a short milf, pleasingly plump, good bbbj. Also, of all the bbbj's Ive ever had, Robyn (on cl), Kathryn Goth (on mojo/ village/post), and Harley are the 3 top. They dt like none other.
  5. Best BBBJ?

    In all my years, the top three were Robyn (on cl), Kathryn the goth ( on mo jo village post), and Harley (no reviews).
  6. Welcome dear. [snip - no advertising permitted]
  7. Anyone seen this one

    Lynn has no revews and does outcall only. Therefore, she probably has a car, or a driver (commonly known as a pimp). To screen her out, call and ask her for rates, and if the rate is all-inclusive, and a flat rate. If she is evasive, that's red flag number one. Then ask if her rate is a "show-up" fee, which does show she is a scammer. If you get this far, ask if she is a massage type, or full service. If you are getting evasive replies, tell the scammer you will call the next girl on your list. Calling girls with no reviews is risky.
  8. Its simple, and hobbyists on this site do say if they had a bbbj experience. Why dont you read the reviews on this site? Then you will know who does bbbj. Most of the gals with good reviews do bbbj.
  9. Some advice for a 1st timer

    Pardon me, but the fantasy seems to be yourself. Ive been down both roads. I had a very mixed experience each time I visited Sherri, and other brothels. With girls with 3+ reviews, I have never had any unpleasant surprises, and there is certainly no le risk if well reviewed. On the site I mentioned, the/ er/otic re/view, you can also read the discussion boards, and no one has had any problems with the independent girls here in LV. The prices vary, but with reviews, you know what you are getting, and what you are paying upfront.
  10. Some advice for a 1st timer

    I told of my experiences with brothels above. Also, I recognize several of the girls in the pictures above, and they had mediocre reviews when they were independents in town. If you look at the reviews on this site, and the one site (the/ er o/tic review dot com) you can screen safely, as you can contact providers who have seen several hobbyists before. Then you can screen by age, race, price, height, type of service, body build, hair color, etc, pictures, and performance. Many girls in the brothels have limited service, and Ive had the upsell game in the times I tried the brothels, and the performance sure did vary.

    Im sure that wasnt directed at me. Anyway, so many new hobbyists, and visitors are not familiar with the agency scams here in LV. They know that, and feast on newcomers to the hobby and to visitors. Getting the word out to newbies and visitors is nearly impossible. Agencies dont care that they never get repeat clients, they dont need them. They feel there is a new sucker born every minute, as PT Barnum used to say. There are 2 reputable agencies, with a few legit girls. This site has reviews that seem reputable. The reviews on my/ red boo k, are quite inflated, and on tosluts, the reviews are self reviews.

    Every single girl on that page, about 40 of them, is an agency scam girl. My first red flag is the air-brushed photos of glamour girls. A tineye search showed some of them are porn-star or fashion models who probably have no idea their pic si on the lasvegasescort site. So I call 3 at random, and sure enough, none will do incall. They are very evasive about their $200 fee, and will not state if the fee is a "show-up" fee. The all want an address or room number FIRST, they will not meet me in the lobby, or at a Starbucks. They will not even say if they will kiss, if they will do gfe, or any services. That way the agency is in the clear. If I were a cop, and busted the girl, the agency wont post her bail and will deny knowing her. Well, I guess that tells us a lot about the lasvegasescorts site, doesnt it.

    Looks like a dead end. I visited the site, and there is no listing of providers, there is no video which they mention. The site also states they list agencies as well as independents, but there is no way to see their listings, if they have any. They have an office on Industrial Road, so you might drop by and see what they do offer. They also have a phone number.
  14. TOB is really tops in Denver, and it used to be tops in LV, as LV fever. It still can be. I have 2 opinions: 1.) The review section is superb, but not active enough. So perhaps posting our reviews on other sites and mentioning TOB, as I have done on 2 other review sites, it will give exposure to TOB. In addition, going to other discussion boards, and mentioning that there are good reviews on TOB (and there are) it will help with exposure. 2.) TOB mgmt might consider what made them so successful in Denver, and apply the same marketing strategies in Las Vegas. I would be glad to put some time in to help get TOB to be like the old LV FEVER. Only 2 ad sites in LV seem to generate views, and they are dogs. Both are filled with agency and scam girls trying to get credit card numbers. The ads on TOB Las Vegas are quite sparse, but totally legit. There are about 14 girls on both sites who are legit, with good reviews, great rates, and getting them to advertise on TOB would benefit both parties. Well, In just getting on my soapbox, and ranting, but if anyone sees any validity in my views, contact me. Cobalt
  15. Mojovillage is back

    There are now 2 mojovillages, one is mojovillagepost, it is new and separates agency from independent girls, with a slideshow at the top, like the old mojo. The other site is mymojovillage, which has about two dozen girls that move in and out, so that a girl's post is on about a week, and then is off. Both sites are free.