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  1. Oh, I see, there are two. Mymojovillage has agency girls mixed in with the indpendent girls, and Mymojopost has one section for agency girls and one for independents.
  2. I got an email from a new site, called They said they are having one section for independents, and one for agency girls. They said it would be monitored, with no flagging. It will contact mainly guys with reviews or on discussion boards for using it. It is just starting and just has a few ads, and they said it will soon have a discussion board. Is anyone familiar with it?
  3. Mojovillage is back

    Whats the name of the well-known entertainment company, if there is one? Its good if they are coming back next week, and if they do, I hope they can limit the number of times the girls can post, as some girls posted 8 times an hour. They also had a lot of agency girls, but maybe they can figure out how to reduce that problem.
  4. Mojovillage is back

    It isnt really mojovillage, which was operated by bigdaddy. This site may be good later, but right now, the one page has only 4 independent ads, and the rest are all agency girls. The pics are from playboy girls, and porn models. Be careful with this site, ask first if their rate is "all-inclusive" and if there is a "show-up" fee. An agency wont even tell you if the girl kisses, so ask if she is "gfe". If the girl on the phone (who is probably the maid), is evasive, hang up, hang up, hang up. Get it?
  5. Jewish Amer Princess

    This one is a mixed bag. She has many reviews on one site, but they are very mixed. Most do say that she looks much older than her pics, she is saggy, and has gained weight. On the other hand, her performance seems ok.
  6. Sami on backpage

    Do you mean Sam? I cant find a Sami.
  7. Anyone seen Jessica?

    She has 2 good reviews on this site. She did stand someone up, but maybe she had a reason, you could ask her. She does look attractive, and the rates are a bargain.
  8. Where the Mojo girls are

    Yes, I know some, either I have met them, I have seen their reviews, or I have heard about them on the discussion boards. There are 24 legit girls on those 8 pages that I know of. Here goes, Aimee, Coco Chanel, Sarah the blonde, Gia EE, Harmoney Average, Bridgette, Amber Blonde average, Misty, Honee, Alena, Breezy Brittney milf, Bekah average, Maria (oooh), Rachael, Lily Love, Telly, Nicole Rae, Tiffany, Veronica Red, Taylor Red, Dee Milf, Leah Asian, Ashley Marie. Most outcall girls are not independent, but a few are. Most incall girls are independent, but a few are not. So search bar the incall girls.
  9. In no way did I imply the "worst of women" who get pro pics. I do know that many photographers do "flattering" shots of the girls, and they dont look like "the girl next door", which most guys want, thats what I want. Also, agencies ONLY use glamour pics, usually playboy models or pornstar pinup photos. If a pro photographer, and there are some, does natural shots, without the new hairdos, and makeup, he can have the same girls show up in the bedroom, which I saw in the photos. Not too often though. I can name a lot of girls who are lovely, and you know most of the, who do their own shots, and they have great reviews and look like themselves. How about Ashley Marie, Heidi Lane, Aimee, Gia, Mandi Boston, they do their own pics, and Im sure you dont think any of them look "ordinary". Like you, they have great reviews, and Ive seen each one of them.
  10. If its an agency, they steal pics from pornstar models, or playboy sessions. If they are independent, they often do their own mirror shots, or have a boyfriend or girlfriend take pics. A few get a glamour photographer to do glamour shots, which is not in the providers best interest, as it is expensive and the pics flatter the girl, and the hobbyist wonders why she does look like her glamour pics. Some girls seem to do a great job taking their own pics in a mirror. I have asked a few girls if I can take a pic of them, and most say ok, if it isn't nude, but a few have let me take a lot of nude shots. Just depends on the girl and if she is comfortable with you.
  11. Myredbook????

    Its fine that you as a woman use myredbook. If you are posting on it, I haven't seen you there, but you are competing with 15 agency scammers to every legit independent girl. If you have reviews, they are definitely inflated. Mrb has many badsides, but few good sides.
  12. I would see her, but no kissing is an automatic "no-go" for me. She is nice looking, and Ive seen many who are so good looking in their own way, that I cant say one is above the others. Each guy has his own ideas on looks. Im glad you like CJ, and maybe she will open up to you, she is a great gal. Good luck.
  13. Wow. Thats really subjective. Some of the girls I think are adorable, you and other guys may think they are just ok. On the other hand, some girls you may think are adorable, I may think they are just ok, also. Im sure we would agree on many girls, tho. To me, there were 2 girls in San Diego who were perfect. In Las Vegas, Ive seen about 5 or 6 whom I think belong on a Glamour magazine cover. In fact, once I was filling my tank on Fremont Street, and a girl named Harley, who is 19, asked if I wanted a date. I thought she meant to go bowling, but she said we could play in her apt. I felt like I won the Lotto. She was not only super cute, but left me with a smile for a week. She doesnt have a phone, but maybe I will run into her again sometime.
  14. Swingers Clubs

    Ive been to the Green Door a few times, it is a bit pricier than Red Rooster, but no better for singles. They have an upstairs where the couples go, who are serious about swinging, mostly middle aged, but a few of the milfs were really cute. The couples who stayed downstairs also sat in cliques, and singles never made it in. It was also about 7 guys to every single girl. I did see two guys get lucky, though, in 3 nights.
  15. Swingers Clubs

    Ive been to the Red Rooster 3 times as a single guy. There are about 7 single guys to every gal. They hire a few girls to sit around in lingerie for enticement, but all they do is sit. I saw many nice looking guys try to pick a girl up, but only saw 1 in 3 trips make out. A lot of couple sit at tables in very tight cliques, and allow no singles to join them. One night, a skinny gal took off her bra and danced with another girl, and thats the most erotic thing I ever saw there. Whoopee! The proprieter would say, "Oh, you just have to go try to meet a girl". All the guys were doing just that. Every time a girl would get up and walk across the room, there would be 7 guys trailing her closely. Never did any of us any good. The couples had a few encounters, and if you go as a couple you might do okay, but singles need to save their $50 and find a street ho.
  16. Myredbook????

    Ah, now we have the info on Myredbook, and how it is now being taken over by agencies, and their reviews are so over inflated.
  17. Myredbook????

    Myredbook has some redeeming features. Its reviews are super inflated. Many girls do merit the high reviews. But about 90% of the reviews are over inflated. Several guys saw some of these girls with all 10's and were very disappointed. I saw one of the girls with 6 reviews of 9's and 10's, and when we started playing, I think she was trying to remember the names of Santa's reindeer. I thought I was with a mannequin. Many of the high reviews have the exact same wording, too. Some girls, like Angel Soft, Rani Lane, and Ashley Marie deserve high scores, but not every single girl on the site. So the review sites listed above are good review sites, and a new one is This site is the best free site for reviews.
  18. LasVegas Candy Shop

    See if these girls have any reviews, all the good girls do. You can call and ask if their rates are all-inclusive, and if they have a "show-up"fee. If you cant find out what their services are, hang up. If you get far enough, DO NOT give them your hotel room number, do not. Meet them in the lobby. Independent girls will meet you in the lobby. The agencies want your room number for several reasons: you can be blackmailed, you can be robbed, and they can make sure you pay their "show-up", fee, usually 200 to 300. You can get tineye for free, and check their pictures. Comprende?
  19. Sheri's Ranch

    Yes, IF you find the right girl out at the ranches, and you wil have to do a lot of negotiating for each service, though. If you do find the girl who will give you what you want, such as dfk, she may not be the girl in the lineup that you really wanted. However, if you look at reviews, you can see the pics and services of girls, along with how they performed. Its nice to know ahead of time.
  20. Sheri's Ranch

    The "ranches" out in the boondocks, are sometimes worse than the LV agencies. When you arrive, you do get to choose your girl. Then you have to barter with the girl for each item of service. You need to inquire first about the service, because some of them do not do daty or dfk, or even kissing. Yet, some will do anything in the marriage manual, lol. Now when it gets to the bottom line, you will pay for each item, and negotiate for each item. I paid 200 for daty, 100 for kissing, 150 for bbbj, and 300 for fs. So I only paid $750 for 45 minutes. Im glad I only had $750 on me. So its a bit different for each girl in regard to service and price. I have seen some of the ranch girls back on the internet for 200/hr. If money is no object, you may get lucky and get all you want.
  21. Has anyone seen Denim on BP? She doesn't mention rates, but incall is always a good sign.
  22. They all seem sweet on pm or a phone call. Her reviews tell a different story. Also, in one ad she is Asian and in another ad she is Latina. With all of her lukewarm reviews, it isn't a matter of being shy, its a matter of thinking with the big head.
  23. On the one big review site, Audrina gets 14 reviews, and she scores a 8.14 on looks, and 6.0 on performance. Her pics don't impress me, but to each his own. That's what my friend said when she kissed the cow.
  24. Not many places for them to go. Myredbook is a sad site, as it only goes back for 4 hours on the ads, and a hobbyist can only look back at the last 4 hours of ads. And IVe seen very few independents there. Backpage is almost as bad, and it is not free, with mostly agency and scam girls. I don't know about freepostsite, but it gets very little traffic. The past mojo girls, for the most part, just don't seem to be showing up on any sites. They need to post on this site, because it has most of the reliable reviews.
  25. Info on Brandi

    Brandi does look good, and the review was fine. We are talking about Brandi, aren't we? And not Rani Lane? Were you inquiring about Brandi?