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  1. Any info on Bianca?

    A couple of things come to my mind. One is that she is also on a site that is almost entirely agency gals. The other is that she comes from a tiny village about 80 miles east of Tucson. If you call her, screen carefully. You should always screen anyway. Ask her for her "all-inclusive" rate. If she is evasive, its a red flag.Then ask if she has a "show-up" fee, or a flat rate. If you get this far, ask if kissing is ok. By now she will either say she will come directly to your room, or meet in the lobby. Agency or scam girls always want to come directly to your room, then if they are bait-and-switch, they get you by surprise. Also, if they come directly to your room or house, they can get their bully-boy pimp to assure you will pay the "show-up" fee of $200 to $300 dollars. Also, if you give them your room # or house number in advance, you can be blackmailed or robbed. Dont do it. If she has a flat rate, and will meet you in the lobby or at a Starbucks, you have a legit girl. Agency and scam girls do not like to do incall, then you would be able to go back and confront them if they trick-roll you. I hope this helps. It all I know about screening, and if anyone know more info, let us know.
  2. New .. Here in vegas :)

    Hi honey, just wondering, were you just here for a discussion topic, or posting an ad. I didnt see any contact info or picture location. thanks.
  3. Jen from backpage...any help out there?

    Also, this Jenn does only motels and hotels. Agency or girls using agency tactics, will not do incall. Some girls here with reviews are on this site, or try Sierra milf, Lexi Pecos young slim, Suxanna tall milf, Ally Chica short and young, Vanessa London a sub chub cute, Gia EE med build but huge melons great rate, Racine tall redhead, Ashleymarie tall blonde. All these girls are gfe, under $250, no upsell, no show-up fees. I think Lexi and Ally are the only ones without reviews.
  4. ECCIE - Ladies

    ECCIE has always seemed legit, yet some girls are girls I've seen on agency lists. If you review the girl on other sites, you should be ok,and eccie is not a bad start. Check on the 3 legit review sites for LV, and theotherboard is great. I can send you a list of some current gals who are legit, gfe, and dont upsell. I recommend staying away from streetwalkers and casino bar girls, it can be risky.
  5. 411 on Bridgete . Real?

    There are several Bridgettes in LV, so which site did she post on, and where did you find her?
  6. Mother Daughter Teams?

    Yes, this thread is about mother/daughter teams. And Theresa and her mom have 2 good reviews if you like bbw. both are nice looking, but a bit thick for me. Then Kelly is real cute and has good reviews, her mom, is a bbw, though. But some guys like that.
  7. 411 on Ashley?

    She said she would love to meet you in the "privacy of your room". Do ask first if her rate is "all-inclusive". If a rub-down is all you want, fine, but if you want fs, be sure to find out before you hang up. More. So ask her to meet you in the lobby or outside at a Starbucks, then if she wants to charge a "show-up"fee, it cant be done away from your room or house. Also, DO NOT give your room number to any of these gals before you meet them. One friend of mine had a gal say in the lobby, she had a "show-up" fee of $200 and wanted paid then. He told her he had a "Show-up" fee of $250, but would reduce it to $200, and the security officer could hold the money. She did not know his room number.
  8. Mother Daughter Teams?

    Theresa and Alex have all positive reviews on the/ eroticreview. Im a vip member and they do well together, for those guys who like bbw, fs, gfe, many guys do. Also, another mom/daughter team is on bp, Monica and Kelly, they appear legit, but I havent seen any reviews but you could give them a call. Use the search bar and put in Monica's name. I think they do outcall, and incall. Reasonable rates.
  9. Flake, flake, flake!

    Notice the perfect pics, with impeccable background. If you call, always ask if the price is "all-inclusive" and a flat rate. Do ask if there is a "show-up" fee,if they are evasive about those 2 questions, hang up. If you get this far, tell them you will meet them in the lobby or at a Starbucks, DO NOT give them your room number or exact home address. Agency scam girls will not meet you in the lobby and want your room number for 2 reasons. Guess what that is? Go for reviewed girls only.
  10. Saw 2 comments on the discussion board on another site. Seems she is a bit older and heaver than the pics, and did a rush job. Your mileage man vary, YMMV, so you might take one for the team, TOFFT, and let us know how it went for you, sir,
  11. Well, the 2 links I saw are the same girl, and I see some red flags already. She says "to your hotel", not to your place, or outcall only. Also, agencies say "20 to 30 minutes, because they always have a gal on hand for their pimp drivers to get your business first. They will insist on you room number, but dont EVER give them your room number, meet them in the lobby, if they wont do that, you have an agency, and you will pay a "show-up" fee of $200 to $300, and her bully pimp with a weapon will accept your money. Then you get an upsell for any service. I keep reading about these ripoffs every day. The agencies feast on newbies. If you just have to have one of these 2 girls, screen them. If they evade giving you a flat rate, and wont even say if they are gfe, you are gonna get the above. I guarantee it.
  12. Tried MYA anyone?

    I didnt see her on there, but I noticed a Mya on cl, and I think there is one on Mojovillagepost.
  13. 411 Blond from Backpage Rubs

    CLUES - SHERLOCK, Outcall only to hotels, means agency, glamor pics from a porn model, means agency, do call and I guarantee she will avoid telling you if she is all-inclusive in her rates, she will avoid telling you if she has a "show-up" fee, she will want to get your hotel room number first but dont EVER let them know your room number ahead of time unless you love being blackmailed or robbed. Demand to meet her in the lobby. Dont worry, if they are legit, they will tell you a flat rate, have no show- up fee, and will meet you in the lobby.
  14. Any info on Lani? (1085)

    Also notice the ad, when they say they will be to your room in 20 or 30 minutes, thats because the agency or pimp will get their car revved up and get an agency girl storming over to your room. Also, do you really think you are gonna get one of those glamour girls for $100, yeah right, that $100 is a show up fee. Then you will pay several hundred for each item, such as $100 extra for just kissing. That ad had several red flags. They dont say just outcall, they say "to your room", or "to your hotel".
  15. On redbook, there are roughly 30 girls on a page, and usually 28 will be agency scam girls. Remember, no agency girl will admit to being with an agency. No agency girl will tell on the first call, if the rate ( usually $200) is all inclusive, or if there is a show-up fee. Also, agency gals will not meet you in the lobby or at a Starbucks, so dont ever give them your room number or address in advance. Ever. Oh, and backpage is nearly as bad. Read the reviews on this site first.
  16. She has a few reviews, and comments on discussion boards, seems she is a lot older than her pics show, and she does like to upsell. She has good performance, it seems.
  17. syncytisfynest

    I saw her about 6 weeks ago, her apt was rather bare, and we played on a floor mattress, she said she was getting a bed. Anyway, it was rather mechanical, no kissing or gfe. She is real nice looking in person, and slim. I wish she would at least fake it, then I think Im doing ok, also. Cute with a good rate, I remember paying only $200.
  18. Mature Provider

    Every girl I mentioned has reviews. Ive also seen most of them.
  19. Mature Provider

    If you want mature and upper price, try Joay French, Kayla Kleevage, or Mary Oral. Kayla is a mere $800/hr. If you want $250 or under, very good reviews, try Stephanie Ward, she is tall buxom, blonde, very attractive, or try Tammy Taylor, she is tall and nice looking, or try Heidi Lane (not the one from Reno) and she has humongous boobs, or try Cassidy exe the short jewish princess, very nice looking. Oh, and Brittney (not the younger Brittany, or Britanny Boston), has good reviews. I cant think of any others offhand.
  20. Anyone tried these?

    Ive seen reviews on discussion boards, they are both on mymojovillage, which is not mojovillagepost. Anyway, Harmony is really cash and dash, from the 2 accounts I have, and Maria is just the same, but she upsells a bit. You can always toftt, though, and write us a review.
  21. Independent Asian providers

    Cathy, Cherry, Kimora Chan, and Gina are independent Asian girls. Very few indy Asian girls in LV. Im not sure if the above do anal, though, its not my thing.
  22. Swingers Clubs

    Wow, thats the first positive experience Ive heard of anyone having at either the Green Door or the Red Rooster. Ive been there several times as a single, and with 7 single me to every woman, it was a real bust. Many other guys write of the same experience. Im really glad someone finally hit a good night there, Ive stayed till 2am and never saw much action at either place. I do agree that strip clubs are nothing but a waste of time and money. I prefer the real thing, such as the occasional "meet and greet" gatherings. They are a bit difficult to get into, and have tight screening. Ive written several lists of girls $250 and under, with good reviews, or I have seen them myself. Most of them will meet with another girl as a duo. A good orgy in LV is hard to find, if thats what you want. There were a few Green Door type places in San Diego, but they were also duds for single guys.
  23. Visiting Vegas

    You look great, sweetie. You can do well here, and pm me for any info you like, but in return, perhaps you could tell us about yourself, your rates and service. It would be great to know about you, and give you a visitl
  24. Anyone seen Bri?

    She looks great, I haven't seen her, but one source said it was $100/hhr. which sounds great, if she give reasonable service. Someone needs to see her, and write a review. Maybe I will. Hmmm.
  25. Mojovillage is back

    Its been more than a week since mojovillage dot com was supposed to be online. Im still waiting. I know there are the other two mojos though. Im not sure what well-known entertainment company owns them, but I didn't see any notices anywhere from mojovillage about them coming back online. Time will tell, I guess.