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  1. Colorado for the first time!

    Lol sorry this isn’t about sex but i really enjoy mountain climbing in the garden of gods 😊
  2. Self-reviewing. Why?

    That’s pretty weird
  3. Happy Friday

    Happy Friday
  4. More zero reviews aging up

    😩😩 sounds like a scam
  5. Post Your Funnies

  6. Has TOB ever had a Chillie cook off?

    Seriously if this becomes a thing i totally want in.
  7. Snapchat Verification

  8. Body cleansing

    Kale and spinach in a blender will clean ya right out 😩 smoothie cleanse
  9. How do I go about?

    I think it just depends on the girl I don’t think it makes sense to block someone for not having it at the time...I mean people work to get paid right ?
  10. Snapchat Verification

    How do you all feel about the new wave verifying through Snapchat or FaceTime even tho you’re already Reviewed on multiple platforms? Guys I’d like to hear your opinions as well. I personally don’t mind but then u get the rude ones that FaceTime jack... off 😩 ruins it for everyone
  11. Ladies, Please Don't....

    Ghetto dreadlocks 😳😳😳
  12. Careful with screening boys.

    Be safe understand the difference between a gal screening for safety and a gal screening for blackmail (it happens) if it doesn’t feel right don’t do it
  13. More Breached Hookup Sites

    Be careful on these new sites guys a whole lot of scamming Is going on from the old school moneypak scam to the newer cash app scams don’t do it !!!!!
  14. Bad Review Threats

    Seriously guys if you don’t like a girls screening process just move on to another girl how old are we??