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  1. Oklahomies ❤

    Thinking about and extended visit there to visit family and make new friends. What's the community like? Busy? Mellow? Fun? Active?
  2. From almost a decade ago, Searching

    I had a friend from Hawaii from ten years ago I can't remember his name, but he told me he was indigenous, ethnic Hawaiian. . He had distinctive facial characteristic. If other providers know who he is, please PM me, I just want to reconnect.
  3. Broomfield/Westminster Men

    I find that during work hours it behooves me to stay at my home base. Unfortunately to drive to an outcall in Westy or Broomfield takes extra time that I could be spending on more than one appointment. Plus I like having my own space and know where everything is. When ladies feel comfortable and relaxed it allows us to offer a better experience for you.
  4. New Game