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  1. Hey guys, l'll be in town next week and have had my eye on Mickayla May my last couple trips and might like to close a deal this time. Reviews seem to challenging to find, especially detailed ones, but she really seems to be the real deal. Can anyone share a few details with me that might shed some light on what an hour with her might be like? http://mickaylamay.myescortpage.com/services.phtml
  2. I'll be in town this weekend and look forward to posting reviews when I'm there. I'm curious about Deanna. Having a hard time finding info on her. Is there something I am missing? Can anyone point me in a direction to learn more? http://mojovillage.com/?action=vp&lid=288174
  3. Audrina

    Thanks for the heads-up. Pretty much what I suspected. I think l will stick with my gems.
  4. Audrina

    I've had my eye on this one for sometime now... http://audrinaluv.escortfiles.com/gallery I have searched and searched for reviews of Audrina, but I could only find an old review in the lvfever archive. This is usually a bad sign. Could anybody please share any current info you may have? Perhaps someone could point me in a direction to find more reviews. Thanks in advance.