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  1. Who brings up round two?

    Thanks - and I should have been clearer and mentioned that the question was when more than one round was a clearly delineated option on the provider's menu.
  2. Who brings up round two?

    When visiting a provider offering MSOG, who generally brings up round two? I have been with a couple providers who've asked, and others who, though they offered it, never mentioned it (I doubt I could do it anyway, though long ago one provider didn't ask, she just started in and shocked me by being able to get me there.) I've never been quite sure if I should bring it up, or if they would if they were amenable. Part of what I want in a session is the illusion that it's not a transaction, so for me, I have a hard time asking if I wanted to at least try since I've never been offered the option in the non-hobby life. Thanks in advance!
  3. What is "new 69 style"

    That's not necessarily bad. In a past relationship it was kind of a game to see who could make whom get there first and I always took it as a point of pride when she stopped doing things to me because she was too far gone to pay attention. It was a particularly good time if she lost "concentration" several times before I did.
  4. Ad pages now opening up when viewing listings

    I should have detailed that; if you look at the code: shouldFire: function() { if (ReactAds.Browser.isChrome && !ReactAds.Browser.isMobile) { if ( ReactAds.Browser.isEdge === true) { return true; } return false; } return true; } }); The function determines whether the pop under should fire, and following the code: If the browser is Chrome but ISN'T a mobile browser: If the browser is Edge, return true If not, return false return true So no pop-under would fire if the browser was Chrome AND a desktop version but WASN'T Edge (which makes sense, as the Microsoft Edge browser is based on Chromium, the open source browser project at the heart of both it and Google Chrome.) For any other browser, the pop-under would, which explains why I saw it using Safari on both macOS and iOS as well as when using Firefox.
  5. Ad pages now opening up when viewing listings

    I can confirm it is gone, at least for the time being.
  6. Ad pages now opening up when viewing listings

    Those who aren't big web geeks can ignore this; the TL;DR summary is it's very definitely a change made to the site for advertising/revenue purposes. A bit of JavaScript was added to the pages and is based on checking for a cookie named ReactAds0. It generally looks like this: If the cookie isn't found, it will open this URL or one like it: Opening that URL will open a window or tab behind the current one that will end up opening the home page for the cam site HTML snippet from that page: <title> - Live Sex Web Cam Video Chat</title> The "ReactAds0" cookie will be added with a value of 1, and will set the local storage key ReactAdsLastPopAt to the time the popup was created, for me it currently holds the value 1621635031342. On most systems, entering that value here will convert it to a date for you: As of the time I am writing this the popup was last created at 1621635031342, or Fri May 21 2021 16:10:31 GMT-0600 (MDT). If you do not clear your cookies you should only see the popup once every twelve hours (43200 seconds.)
  7. Ad pages now opening up when viewing listings

    Nope, in fact none of the machines I experience this with (phone, computer) have any cache at all stored on them as I empty them, history and cookies on a regular basis. Perhaps when it happens once it leaves a tracking cookie so the site is not opened again that is being deleted when I clean up. Still, this never happened before early this week.
  8. Members you miss

    Her account is completely gone from ToB and a search for reviews finds zero hits.
  9. Ad pages now opening up when viewing listings

    Nope - if I go to the listings, when I click the first name it will open the NaughtyCams web site, every time.
  10. Anyone else notice that apparently starting in the last day or so, when you click on a city or listing the site is now also opening up a new window to a cheesy cam girl site? (Usually That's really annoying, but I know it's all about money.
  11. Retirement

    Always meant to visit, timing never worked out. All the best to you.
  12. Members you miss

    I remember visiting her once when she had just returned from Burning Man and was very proud that she "didn't have sex with anyone there!" She always made me feel like she really cared. I also see SireneSpace has apparently retired in the past few weeks; pity. I still miss my ATF Aubrey and her reach for her lamp.
  13. Easing back in

    With the impending arrival of shot #2 I am getting ready to ease back into the hobby, but I admit it's been well over a year since I've seen anyone for obvious reasons. Since I tend to gather a network of favorites, my TOB references mostly date to 2018, so I suspect the best route may be to finally get a P411, but I thought I'd throw the question out there. Obviously I have no issue with verification, but it might be hard to find even two refs for the "free trial" P411 who would remember who I am fourteen months later. Do I just go out as a newbie? I see some of my old faves here on the message board (Hi, Hunter!) but haven't seen ads for them in a while, which would make sense if they are keeping a lower profile due to COVID or I just missed them because I don't check in anywhere near as much as I did when I was more active. Thoughts?
  14. Crazy Stories

    There was the time I was exiting a local hotel used as an incall and I heard my name… twice. I turned and the desk clerk was a young lady I had become friends with when she was working as a hostess at a local restaurant, and she now worked as a desk clerk at said hotel. Pulled out the "visiting a business colleague" excuse when she asked why I was there.
  15. How's traffic in Denver interfere with your ability to hobby??

    I don't care about the distance, I care about traffic. Give me 70 MPH the entire trip and I have no issue driving from the north side of town to Colorado Springs. But today I can virtually guarantee that I will get stuck in 5 MPH traffic somewhere between Northglenn and Park Meadows any day of the week you choose, including weekends.