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  1. Help Making a Personal Website

    Hi Peyten, I'm very tech adept. Question: Are you getting kicked off because of the site's content or for some other reason like technical hangups?
  2. 411 on Scarlett Dayne

    She also posts regularly on TOB.
  3. 411 on BP Aubrey

    Thanks, Fred. Yeah, I didn't check TinEye. Damn. Was really close to pulling the the trigger on this one. At least I know who to contact next time I'm in Atlanta, ha!
  4. 411 on BP Aubrey

    Aubrey 214-935-8206 Colorado Escort Does anyone have any info on BP Aubrey? http://denver.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/im-back-sweet-sexy-italian-goddess/24090063 She advertises a lot on BP and uses a rotation of 6-8 pics. Google the phone number and some usual BS escort review sites come up along with the Escort Police which also has to be BS. I've not seen a review anywhere and she doesn't have a TOB presence. I did text her a few weeks back about if she ever gets to Boulder and she immediately replied and said she can do an outcall there. Any thoughts, advice, or testimonials greatly appreciated. Happy Hobbying! ~Dash
  5. Boulder

    Curious as to why Boulder is such an ASP desert? Unless you want to roll the dice on BP in which options are extremely limited (or fictitious), at best. Do ASPs have bad luck here? Too many flakes? What? I live in Boulder and it would be nice to have a couple regulars I could do business with. Ciao.
  6. Ladies: Question About Endurance

    Skibum, Be careful with this one as a lot of bike riding on a hard saddle can cause impotence/ED and loss of sensitivity. I live in Boulder, and trust me, the biking community knows of this. It has to do with continually compressing a certain nerve/set of vessels in the groin area, I believe. So if you're already having symptoms, I would switch to (only) running for a while. http://men.webmd.com/features/biking-and-erectile-dysfunction-a-real-risk Good luck.
  7. Ladies: Question About Endurance

    LMFAO! (Almost spit out my coffee)
  8. Do the Cops Even Care Anymore?

    I'm sure LE checks this board, maybe we should just ask them. Any estimates on how much Hobbying would bring in in terms of tax revenue if it were actually legal in all 50 states and providers needed to charge some sort of a surtax? Smartphone swipe of the card and off we go! We'd have the budget balanced and deficit paid off in a week! Blows my mind how someone can legally buy a 12'er of Bud, slam it all, and start driving a vehicle, but I can't legally Hobby or throw $20 on my favorite NFL team to cover the spread (unless I live in Vegas or go to an offshore online site).
  9. The question has been asked many times

    What I’ve learned: EVERY relationship is dysfunctional on some level. No two people are alike, people grow and evolve after they’ve committed, there are always huge pressures and distractions outside of a LTR/marriage ($, social, work-related, etc.). Society has created more forces pulling you apart than holding you together it seems. There is no "1." If you’re lucky, you might find a .6. The question then becomes how much heavy lifting you want/have to do to fix things, if any at all. It gets harder as you get older too. If I were 25, no problem. Add a few years and dating the talent pool get quite limited. So, you move slower in making these tough decisions: stay or leave.
  10. Eating Cum

    Over the line, NO.
  11. The question has been asked many times

    The main reason married or men in a LTR cheat is that one or more innate masculine needs are not being met. Mainly, it's not feeling appreciated or valued. Taking a man for granted, under-appreciating him--when he tries his best--and still finding ways to criticize him, is the verbal equivalent of calling a woman FAT. But 90% of women don't get this. They still posture, insist of proving they're right in trivial matters, and bascially make a man out to be a half-wit any chance they get. Good read: http://men.webmd.com/features/why-men-cheat I'm in a live-in LTR (5.5 yrs, practically married) and whatever I do, it's not good enough. My SO by standard is h-o-t, but I feel no attraction anymore because of the constant critiquing, refining, and finding ways I'm deficient. You don't realize it at first, but over time, you look back and think of all the rules and criteria you need to meet and how far off-base you are. Then, you weigh: can it be fixed vs. it can't be fixed vs. $$ considerations vs. the huge headache of splitting/them moving out/fall out vs. will I do worse vs. dealing with job/aging parents/other personal crap simultaneously = NO EASY ANSWER...except for TOB.
  12. 411 on Jai Lin

    I'm fairly certain I saw Jai Lin post on this board within the past few weeks.
  13. 411 on "Lohan" in Boulder

    Wow, kinda shocked. Looked like a classic rip-off or 2/10 chick hoping you'll be so hard up you won't kick her out. Yes, please post review.
  14. Music While In Session?

    Dokken, Lynch Mob, Crue, Skid Row.
  15. 411 on "Lohan" in Boulder

    Thanks, Vegas. Like I said, too good to be true. Relieved and disappointed at the same time. Cheers, Dash