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  1. Incase it's never said!

  2. Incase it's never said!

    Saw this today on a hike and inspired this post to all the wonderful Providers out there. Especially to our Colorado Ladies. Myself and a lot of other men on here are thankful for you beautiful ladies and the awesome work you all do. I haven't personally seen many of you ladies locally but Im familiar with the industry. I appreciate and respect everything you gals go through in this line of work on top of the crazy times we live in. My job puts me away from civilization for weeks to months at a time sometimes only having 48hrs in between hitches. It's refreshing being in company of great looks and beautiful personality to reset with . Knowing you ladies are always up for a date is something I look forward too! So thanks again for being enthusiastic and pleasant. I hope everyone ladies and gents have a good week. We live in an awesome state. Cheers 🍻
  3. Tips for buying a home here?

    I use Airbnb to rent out my house when I'm gone for work. Being as colorado is such a visited area someone always is looking to stay. Maybe a possibility for you to help combat a higher mortgage or monthly rent. Good luck 🍻