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  1. A word from Jez UaBriain.

    My prayers are with you, sister. You already know that. If you need ANYTHING, please do not hesitate to call. And you know that too ;-) PEACE
  2. Happy Birthday Candio !

    Thanks JR! Lets do that Oyster thing again!
  3. Happy Birthday Crystal Isis!

    Happy Birthday Chicklette! Call me!
  4. Happy Birthday Velvet Valentine!

    Happy birthday !
  5. <3 Happy Birthday Geecue2

    Happy Birthday !
  6. Happy Birthday, Melissa Sterling!

    Growing Old Is Mandatory Growing Up Is Optional Happy Birthday!
  7. Happy Birthday ! JRWolfe !!! ;-D!!

    Happy Birthday!
  8. Dick size by city and state

    Trim your junk and Mr Happy will look at least a couple inches bigger..........and its a lot more fun to suck on FYI
  9. Happy Birthday Crystal Isis

    Yo Chicklette! You have a happy and safe birthday, my friend! Give me a call later!