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  1. What would your fortune cookie say?

    while you read fortune someone steals your cookie
  2. Close One?????

    A few months as I was leaving a hotel, after seeing a provider, two police car pull up to front of hotel. Trying to keep my cool I continued walking to my car as if nothing was going on. When I got to my car I couldn't get it open and I started to panic. Then I realized I was at the wrong car, my car was three down from there. Almost had to go home to change my clothes
  3. Jacuzzi Tub in Hotel Room

    I would recommend staying away from jacuzzi tubs in hotel rooms. The pumps are lower then the jets so the pump and tubing connecting jets to pump never drain properly. So when you get into tub you getting some else's dirty water. unless you fill tub a few times before you use it. Run jets drain tub and redo process again at least twice before use to be assured the tubes are clean. Hot tubs at hotels are different, they are always being checked for bacteria in the water, chlorine levels and PH levels. Hot tubes in athletic clubs stay away from. People are pigs they work out, sweat and get into hot tubs and pools without taking a shower. Think about what they bring into tubs with them. Sorry for this disturbing news
  4. Netflix recommendations

    a few shows that I liked disjointed about a pot store with Kathy Bates The Kaminsky Method with Michael Douglas and then Bonding not sure who the stars are but I think all providers and hobbyists will get a kick out of this one
  5. Today I got an email presumably from P411

    reminds me when Ashley Madison site got hacked. I kept getting email like that for a year trying to get bitcoins from me. even though I used a different email address they had my name and address and threatened to send notice to my family, facebook, and to my business. my wife already knew about my side fun and I work for myself so I really wasn't worried. its just those emails became annoying after awhile. I just suggest you don't send them anything or respond to them. once you respond they will know it is a good address and that your worried about it
  6. First meet - ladies outfits

    I just tell the ladies I see to wear what they are comfortable in when they see me since it is coming off
  7. Followers are gone

    well I don't have any follower but the ladies that I have been following are gone. all computers get glitches
  8. When did you get into the hobby?

    I started in the hobby when I turned 50, that 17 years ago. I used the old TOB and the risky backpage then. I joined the modern TOB in 2017 cause the ladies on TOB would not see me without a handle(I don't blame then safety first at all times). I still just see a few providers due to age and medical reasons.
  9. Smile or Duck lips?

    I have never figured out why the ladies on their profile do the duck lips(pucker up) when a smile is so much better looking
  10. Total hip?

    three years ago had a hip replaced anterior procedure and I was back to work in four weeks, At my job I am on my feet all day. six weeks after surgery I was back at gym working out. very few restriction the most important one was not to fall. In fact in February I go to have the other hip replaced, six months after last hip they replace my knee, recovery from that was 5 weeks and back to work. Good luck