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  1. LOST AND FOUND!! MY FAVORITE looking for Ms.Coxx

    I seem to recall that several months back, she had posted that she was heading back East and the window to see her was rapidly closing
  2. Yesinia

    You can also find her on Listcrawler under the Forty & Up section with same location at 225 and Mississippi.
  3. Gmail video service

    Has anyone had any experiences with the newly enhanced and now free video calling service for gmail subscribers?
  4. With multiple concerns (seventies and pre-existing conditions) I expect that I will be reticent to venture forth until I have more confidence about surviving this pandemic. But it is a decision that each person must make based on their situation and confidence level.
  5. Memorial Day

    An excellent reminder of what Memorial Day ( originally Decoration Day) is meant to remember. Thanks
  6. Dia Duit Uaisle - Hello Gentlemen!

    May weather in Arizona never looked like the past few days Welcome to the board