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  1. Shaving and Man Scaping

    Seems like almost everyone shaves. I hate the stubble after a few days. I use an epilator. Hurts like hell but you get used to it. And you're smooth as silk for a long time afterwards.
  2. V day! What’s your plans?

    Oh, boy... it's on a Friday, too. I'd better find some friends to do a happy hour with or it'll be me, a glass of wine, and netflix
  3. Before I left my ex I had seen providers. She certainly didn't do anything to "force" me into the hobby. It was a choice on my part. I wanted to stick it out in my (essentially) sexless marriage because I wanted my children to have some stability until they were older. We didn't fight, didn't dislike eachother. We just weren't a good match. And I sought out physical affection elsewhere. It wasn't a boo-hoo man story of the wife who wouldn't put out, either. I wasn't very interested because she didn't take good care of herself in so many ways, while I did (and do). Personally I never felt particularly great about cheating and I feel so much better being out on my own. But obviously I'm noone to just anyone else's choices
  4. Need a hand getting back in the saddle

    I've been dating again after a mostly sexless marriage. For me a few experiences haven't been enough to feel like I'm back in the bedroom groove. Every woman is different and what they like and how you're going to mesh will vary. But so far it seems like my partners are putting at least as much effort into pleasing as I am and seem to be very concerned with making me happy. If I have any particular advice it would be do what you need to in order to feel comfortable but learning with someone you're dating can be fun, too.
  5. Fall is almost here! Favorite things about fall!

    Crunchy leaves under your feet. Softer sunshine. Harvest time if you're a backyard farmer. I'll miss open-toe season, though. I ahem... rather like heels.
  6. The Springs

    As for the hobby here? There are some familiar faces who have been around for quite a long time. There's an awful lot of fly-by-night ladies who come through. I don't bother with those anymore since from my experience they're often not as advertised or unreliable at keeping appointments. I've heard some of the providers here say that guys are cheap down here, often trying to negotiate. Can't speak to that side personally though
  7. Some seem to handle negative reviews gracefully. You can't please all the people all of the time, after all. But I did have one lady message me here and claim the appointment never happened and demanded I pull the review.
  8. Colorado Springs Free STD testing?

    I go to a local planned parenthood. Insurance wasn't necessary and I think it ran me two hundred bucks. This was... two years ago (I don't get out much anymore).
  9. Phone number search doesn't turn up much. No name or reviews that I could find. Image search came back clean (only did a couple.) 719-224-4140 Body rub Ad here: Post ID: 21490846 coloradosprings Here's a cached version of an older ad: Thanks!
  10. Fantastic, thank you. Helps a ton to have a name to the face. Not used to seeing girls like this advertising in the springs. At least not legit ones, anyway.
  11. Not to be the guy in the room with the tinfoil hat but... Considering that ashley madison was hacked and all of that personal info leaked I'd be wary of giving my real name and credit card info to any company that I wasn't okay with the whole world knowing about. I suspect that's the world we'll be living in from now on. That said I may have once belonged to P411. It helped me get my foot in the door. But these days I don't find that I need it any longer.
  12. Your worst hobby date?

    Here's an experience from one of my old reviews. I've had more than my share of crazy in the meantime but this is still the worst and I'm embarrassed just recalling it. I met this one girl for a "sensual massage" a few years back. She brought me up to her place which was decorated in the same vein as the apartments you'll see on Cops. But she had a real massage table! Unfortunately that was the most professional thing about this girl. On that professional massage table were exactly zero linens. It's okay, though. Laying naked on vinyl in january isn't nearly so bad as it sounds. And it beats being on the couch, which was covered with dirty clothes. I tried to break the ice with a little conversation. I like to feel comfortable considering she was about to get to know my most private parts. To her credit she kept up for about five minutes. After that I had a hard time concentrating. The cold splash of lotion that she initially applied had dried and yet she continued her "massage" determinedly. She did her work without the benefit of lubricant. For 20 minutes. As for technique - well she has a unique approach. Using one hand only, for example. She used that hand effectively, though, tracing a single circular track around my back with her fist. Not particularly hard and not particularly soft. And not particularly doing a damned thing for my sore muscles. After her one hand got tired she reached down onto the floor and grabbed one of those wooden happy massagers and proceeded to roll it across my back. Sensual. There was no body contact, no caressing, and no enthusiasm, feigned or otherwise. This was definitely a "partial body" massage because it consisted of my back, my chest, and the occasional foray onto my thighs. Thankfully she worked those with such care that I honestly didn't want her going anywhere else. When I flipped onto my back I was thinking "okay, now finally maybe we can get on with this." But no. She wanted to work my chest. Which she did, with the same technique one uses to scrub the kitchen counters. Over and over. After an achingly long time (I'm passive-aggressive) she got down to business. With much relief I saw her reach for the bottle of lotion. I don't think I could have taken a dry ending. And after seeing her teeth I sure wasn't going to ask for any foreign languages. Spasmodic hand motions would be just fine, thank you. And boy, did she work The Honorable Mr. Johnson. She beat him like a naughty four-year-old. Which is to say with kindness, love, and... oh hell I can't even pretend. My first high-school girlfriend knew more about how to treat a man's paraphernalia than this girl. I used to think it was a joke when people said that a man's penis has a brain. But now I know it does because mine wanted out of that situation ASAP. Somehow I actually finished in two minutes and without a complete erection. I'm still amazed. And lucky, because I don't think she was going back to the bottle for a refresh of lotion. To her credit she did clean me up. With a towel she picked up off of the floor. I kid you not.
  13. It's a magical place down here. Trying to find a good friend can feel like a second job.
  14. 411 on Beautiful Latina in COS

    Excellent find, gr8. Sounds like, though she may be legit, the price for a topless massage is awfully high. I wish there were a formal review for her but the link you posted covered that. Thanks!
  15. 411 on Beautiful Latina in COS

    This girl has been advertising for quite on a while on the COS boards: Anyone have any info? I didn't get any hits on her images, nor on googling her number. No reviews here, no 411s that I could find. Quite frankly I'm surprised given how attractive she is. Thanks!
  16. 411 on Beautiful Latina in COS

    Hmm, you all were able to find more info than my searches turned up. Wizards, the lot of you. The SoCal ad may have stolen her pics. The number is different at least. But overall I don't think I'm willing to TOFTT on this one. Too good to be true usually is, especially in this town.
  17. COS Rub 411

    Haven't come across any info on her either. Only thing I can say is that she's posting ads in both cos and boulder on the same day. Technically possible to serve both locations I guess but highly unlikely. It's a tough town for massage with attractive, clean, reliable providers.
  18. Absolutely a guy can lose interest in having sex with his wife. It works both ways. But from my experience, and at the risk of sounding like an ass - if your wife isn't interested then you're probably not doing something right. Likewise if a guy loses interest in his wife then maybe it's something she's doing. Or not.
  19. Song to play while driving home.

    Lol, I was going to say I usually put on NPR.