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  1. I'll take penis IQ for $500 Alex

    I’ll take a bbbj cim every time, looking in your eyes as it happens
  2. 411 on profile

    Thanks New2.
  3. 411 on profile

    Yes, new2...cautious for sure. Perhaps leaning toward paranoid as a result of not doing enough due diligence, and having a run-in with LE in another city/state a few years back. Just trying to check and double check...and you pretty much answered my question: "If there is a profile with reviews, is it legit?" And yes, I did contact a recent reviewer and got all the info I need. Thanks.
  4. AmandaLove303 Colorado Companion Hi all, Longtime lurker here but not often in action since I live a long way from a big city(Denver). I'm posting this here because I don't know how to find out if any specific lady's profile on TOB is legit. She seems to be oft reviewed and runs ads on the site. Her handle is AmandaLove303 in the Denver area. Should I just PM a reviewer to ask? Maybe that's best unless anyone gives me a better answer here. Thanks!!!
  5. Hey Baby, MY preference for photos are those that show the size, shape and height/weight ratio well. Outfits don't matter very much because after all, the clotes don't last very long in a session, now do they? I'm sure there are guys for whom size and weight aren't very important, AND there are providers who are heavier than they want to be, but size and shape ARE important to me. Services offered are the next step, but I won't proceed if I am not physically attracted. Hope this helps
  6. Athletic ASP sought

    I recently saw both Megan Kush and Sinclaire S and both are in the "fit" category. Oviously I prefer this body type, and IMO you can't go wrong with either one of them.