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    6'2" 225lbs. I Love: Johnnie Walker, Johnny Cash, Sarcasm, Rare Meat, Social Mischief, In-N-Out etc.
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  1. Trade Outs or Bartering

    I have something I think most ladies would want. It's high-end name-brand, luxury merchandise. Valued at around $150-$400. They would like them for themselves, or might make an awesome Xmas gift. If any ladies are interested, PM me and I'll give the details.
  2. Vanilla in, Chocolate Out

    Roll with punches. I had an experience with a young lady once that ended up going in that direction. When the lights came on, I notice a moth on my wall across the room. I grabbed a tissue and when I went to snatch it off the wall, it became very clear that it was no moth. She was FAR MORE embarrassed than I was. We're still friends and laugh about it from time to time. If you're going to play in the mud, you might get dirty.
  3. Ha...that was part of the problem. I have a for sale sign in my yard. I guess she thought it was weird? My house is for sale. It's a nice home in the burbs, so maybe it seemed fishy? I can't imagine she would get too many calls to homes like mine. I can see the issue, but if she came inside, it's pretty obvious I live there. She said she had a recent run-in with LE so I am sure she was on high alert. You don't pay for the pay them to leave. No donation...didn't even stop. I guess she did a drive by and saw the sign in the yard. I am absolutely not a risk. The reason I sent a pic was per her request. She asked if I had a profile on here. I explained I was new to the hobby. She asked if I would send a pic. Being new to the hobby, I figured this was ok. I can't imagine that she found the pic off-puting. Not to toot my own horn, but I would say I am definitely well above average in the looks dept. I guess it's better to be safe than sorry, it was just disappointing that I got my hopes up. Thanks everyone for the responses. I guess I'll have to try again sometime.
  4. So I'm pillow talking with this provider...

    I think it's the taboo. When watching porn, I rely on it almost exclusively. I really like the idea of it, but each time I do it, it's slightly disappointing.
  5. Had a bummer experience tonight where a lady came out to my place, but got a bad vibe. What steps can I take to prove I'm not a risk? I sent a pic from my phone. Also, are there any tips you can give on how to protect myself?