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  1. Hi Colorado...

    Hello! Are you visiting our far city?
  2. Newbie

    Welcome to the fun!
  3. Is it so hard?

    Is it so hard to find someone that 1) likes bigger guys and 2) will be the one to take charge when we meet. I spend most of my days at work in charge and I need that taken from me. Every person I've requested this took says sure then it turns out having them ask me what I want. Grrr
  4. Is it so hard?

    Lol. I already have a wife, wrong bossing around. Nikki I am Intrigued in you skills in this subject. Please PM me.
  5. Is it so hard?

    It's not really wanting to be dominated but just not to have to desire what position or hat next kind of thing.
  6. Hot or Not?

    I'm very curious on what Destiny thinks about those scenes. Hell as long as everyone is having fun like they appear to be, most of those sounds lots of fun.
  7. Fun question for the ladies

    Well crap, my apologies I was not aware. My bad
  8. Fun question for the ladies

    Which ladie thinks they are the most? Seductive, frisky, bouncy, sexy, and fun filled. And why?
  9. Walmart - who knew?

    Hello yes, besides I have some things to pick up there as well.
  10. Walmart - who knew?

    I agree with Paul. What WalMart was this at? PM me if you need to.
  11. Fun things in Denver this weekend?

    Okay so besides the obvious, what should I guy do this weekend while the cat is away? Bars? Clubs?
  12. 4) No silly, that's just my fake police badge, now get undressed, I'm having friends over soon. 5) Mind if I eat in your bed? 6) Mind if I use your phone real fast?
  13. 1) Trust me, the blindfold is for your protection. 2) You remind me of my mother. 3) Can you be my mama?
  14. Phone Numbers

    Carious, What do you do with our phone numbers at the end of the day?
  15. Phone Numbers

    Hahaha... Jokes on you, all my money already goes to the girls...
  16. Small Guys or Bigger Guys?

    For the lovely ladies on this board, do you prefer small guys or bigger guys and why?
  17. Small Guys or Bigger Guys?

    Well I aim to please :p
  18. Small Guys or Bigger Guys?

    I mean tall, short, round, skinny, muscles etc. Destiny, Put both together and you have me without the hat.
  19. Small Guys or Bigger Guys?

    I fully understand that but I think its important to be with someone that more enjoys a specific type of guy so we all have fun.