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  1. Recommended doubles?

    Thanks for all of the tips. johnny, I appreciate your thoughts. I have researched and seen some promising options, but also thought i might check in with local veterans prior to my trip to see if there were some ATFs that I shouldn't miss. thanks for those who responded here or PM.
  2. Recommended doubles?

    PMs welcome from interested providers or fellow hobbyists with recommendations. I'm not from Denver, and although I've seen some great-reviewed providers, not always clear which providers might want to be a duo with others.
  3. Recommended doubles?

    Any recommendations for ladies that enjoy working together? Personal preference leans toward young, petite, anglo, but open for the right combo. Seems like a lot of people are traveling, so I'm looking ahead for mid July.
  4. 4 buddies getting together in Denver this week for a bachelor party and then heading west to Rockies. Any suggestions on bachelor party activities? Or a couple of fun ladies that want to come entertain us at our 4-star hotel?