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  1. Morning Wood.....

    I for one love early morning appointments but it's hard to find many ladies who like to book before 10am, that's not early morning to me. How about 6 or 7 am that's early morning ( absolute best time of the day!)
  2. Yes, all lives matter, but...

  3. Yes, all lives matter, but...

    How about we have a huge problem with the respect to the rule of law? Any arguments there? I agree and have said so many times that when police go out of normal use of force they should be disciplined and charged if necessary. You throw something or point something at a police officer in the act of committing a crime you will be shot plain and simple! They are trained to do so, they just want to go home to their family every night. Common thread with many of these police shootings that gets lost in all the protests and crying about police brutality is these people were indeed in the act of commiting a crime. There are exceptions I understand but not usually the norm. So the #1 thing to learn here is don't steal a car, drink and drive, beat your spouse, shoot your neighbor, pass counterfeit money, deal drugs, etc.. Then they'll be 90% less likely to have any interaction with the police! Why is this SO hard to understand??
  4. Yes, all lives matter, but...

    Continued...... The rate of job growth per month for blacks under Trump has so far been 40 percent higher than the monthly average under ‎Obama. Trump has averaged nearly 30,000 new black jobs per month. Another issue that is critically important to black and Hispanic economic progress is good schools. Trump is advancing the idea of school choice so that every child can attend a quality school, public or private. Trump wants to increase by tenfold the number of black children who benefit from these vouchers and scholarships, but the house keeps it from being voted on. Trump also wants more infrastructure spending, more energy jobs and more apprenticeship programs so our youth have access to better jobs and better training. Disproportionately, blacks and other minorities will benefit from these programs, because fewer have the financial capability to go to a four-year college. But he's the racist!
  5. Yes, all lives matter, but...

    Since inauguration, through 2019 the U.S. economy has created a whopping 1,017,000 new jobs for African Americans... He's eliminating job-killing regulations and cutting taxes for the middle class, he has given millions of African Americans a chance to thrive in a strong and growing economy... national black unemployment rate is at an all-time low of 5.5 percent. Unemployment for black women is even lower, at just 4.4 percent... “Opportunity Zones” has pumped in $100 billion of new private investment in communities that need it most.... He committed to reforming the criminal justice system. By eliminating the sentencing disparities caused by the horrendous Clinton-era crime bill, which disproportionately affected African Americans, The FIRST STEP Act also included significant reforms to address recidivism... Signed a $360 million grant to support Historically Black Colleges and Universities last year — by far the most that any president has ever appropriated for HBCUs. Even America’s first black president, Barack Obama, never allocated that much money to HBCUs.... I'll keep looking for you!
  6. Yes, all lives matter, but...

    Jodoe, Such anger, good for you! But we must look at the big picture and not just a slice of it here and there. "disturbing that you guys go straight to the rioting and looting” Hmm, I wonder why? Because it's going on day after day and not by just a handful of people! Judge actions of a few individuals (when compared to the whole) do you apply that same logic to the police? Absolutely, a bad cop deserves whatever they get just like anyone else, but let's remember some facts also, 19 white men were killed by police in 2019 and 9 black men, but we didn't have any protests or burning of cop cars for those white guys killed, some were unjustified...Why? Efforts to erase history? Get all the way the fuck out of here with that. No one is trying to erase history.. REALLY? BS.... Tearing down of any monument that you disagree with the renaming of any building of a person from our past who lived in a completely different era is not erasing history? Sorry but that is! I can't change anything my father or his father might have said or did so why do we think we need to go back and erase anything that isn't the norm for today. How about the gay rights movement, where was that 50 years ago, look where we are today. Times change, they always have and always will with each passing generation new norms will keep changing. As I said before there will always be some form of racism on both sides but hopefully it will continue to get better and better with each passing year. Until both sides work together to solve problems, pointing the finger at the other will just make that side dig in their heels deeper. Another little fact, our current President has done more for the black communities than the last 3 combined! But I'm sure you'll argue with that... Have a great day!
  7. Favorite Nipple

  8. Yes, all lives matter, but...

    Are black people treated equally everywhere? No Are white people treated equally everywhere? No Are Hispanic people treated equally everywhere? No I'm white and I've been a victim of racism, just nobody cares about it. Racism is not just a white person problem, racism exists in many forms and let's be real about it, is it going away anytime soon? No I have a couple of great friends who happen to be black and I could care less about their color only their character. Is racism worse today than it was 20yrs ago? No 30 years ago? No 40 years ago? No Awareness for EVERYONE is a good thing but rioting businesses and burning down buildings will not gain sympathy for their cause.
  9. Plan A vs Plan B-lesson learned

  10. CARES Act

  11. Plan A vs Plan B-lesson learned

    Totally agree with Bit, met some great "plan B" ladies, but on short notice stick with well reviewed ladies you've seen before or wanted to see but never pulled the trigger! Never let your little head think when you're in a pinch, so many beautiful ladies to choose from why take chances on the unknown? But at least you only lost some $ and not the alternative with le....
  12. Visiting (supposedly)

  13. Msog providers

    I've always considered it a ymmv approach, what a woman does with one they may not do with another( and not just with msog). Am I right or am I right, or am I right ladies?
  14. Supply and demand never thought id use it here

    Casino tables actually don't start back up till June 17th, that's what all the signs in Central City and Blackhawk are saying.... Someone knows something different let me know I want to play some cards!
  15. What is TOB to you?

    Hmmm, only been here since Sept of 2019, zero reviews and 26 posts and you have 2 dots??? That's 1 more than I'd give you! Just my 2cents
  16. Helloo Colorado

    Welcome Brianna, I look forward to making your acquaintance!...💋💋
  17. Was scheduled to see Rose but her trip was cancelled last minute: As for Kayla I did get to meet her and she was another angel from Texas, I love those Texas women... Never was able to hook up with Sadie although I tried many times, maybe we'll get another chance!
  18. Providers that really listen to you.

    Hey Ark, hello welcome to tob! I relate to your situation I also like some communication before meeting with a lady but have learned that there is a fine line. We tend to think they will respond back to all out texts/emails but we need to remember how many the ladies may receive on a daily basis. Had a conversation with one gal who said she'd received over 50 inquiries in one 8 hr span one weekend, can you imagine texting/emailing 50 different guys? She followed up by saying my appointment and one other for the next day was all that came from all those conversations! THAT'S A LOT OF WORK! So now I tend to correspond less with a lady beforehand, ask my main questions and pull the trigger and not waste to much of their time. Just my 2cents...
  19. Admins rejecting my post ??

    LMFAO, first and last post?
  20. Memorial Day

    Well said Bit, I always go visit my Dad's site on this day every year at Ft Logan, tradition... 🙏. 🇺🇲
  21. Is this normal protocol for a provider?

    This is the sole reason you do what is COMFORTABLE WITH YOU, yes I've been scammed by ladies in the past multiple times, you learn and move on! Join a reputable site like p411 who does much of the screening preappointment wise first was the best thing I ever did. I go back to the same thing my parents told me when I was 15, "if it sounds to good to be true it usually is". Harder the times get the more scams are going to take place, if you dont want any surprises stick with well reviewed ladies and enjoy! Think with your BIG head not your little one, it's harder to do than you think! Too many wonderful ladies on tob with long histories of great times to take a chance with a newbie with no reviews! Just my 2 cents!
  22. Kinda feels like TOB is done....

    By June my pool in my yard will be open you'd be welcome to take a trip here, swimsuit optional...😁
  23. Bullet (Torpedo) Bras

    Oh yes ma'am...
  24. Bullet (Torpedo) Bras

    I'll pass on them, but I wouldn't not see a lady because she was wearing one, I usually get them off quickly anyhow...🤣