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  1. Shannon Stone

    My best friend saw her last year sometime and said that she is "thicker" than her pics. Very short hair. Said she told him that she prefers women. He said she was nice enough, but wouldn't repeat.
  2. 411: Dezarae...720-468-0418

    Nevermind fellas. Answered my own question and saw her. She is fantastic. Review submitted today. TOFTT
  3. 411: Dezarae...720-468-0418 Anything fellas? Thanks in advance. PS - I think she used to post under a different phone # - not sure though. Can't find it.
  4. 411 on Cassie

    Take this for what it's worth and just pass fellas.
  5. 411 on michelle from bp

    Talked to her today - told her about TOB. She was super are limited (I think that's how you would say it). She said she has reviews on TER. Asked her about the pics, she said the only thing that has changed is her hair - it's a bit darker.
  6. To kick in Denver or head to the springs...

    I hear ya. I just wanted to build up credibility instead of having my first or second review as a negative one. I have had one other bad experience (not Jenna), but in that experience I turned around and walked out (not the picture, was on drugs, etc.).....she threatened to kill me, etc. I think some guys are scared off by leaving bad reviews. The girl I walked out on threatened me with a motorcycle gang, her brother who runs her apt. building, and a knife. I got the hell out of there in a hurry.
  7. To kick in Denver or head to the springs...

    I was just starting out here in the community at the time. She said she would be in Denver and made an appointment for the next day. She didn't call, she didn't show. I didn't think that my review would mean much without having seen anyone. I'm sure that others don't review EVERY experience - good or bad.
  8. 411 on BP Laura - tgtbt?

    Yeah - fake pics are never a good sign.
  9. Best Swingers Club in Town?

    Been to Scarlet a couple of times with my ex-fwb. It was fun. It's definitely hit or miss and doesn't get busy until later in the evening. I recommend it though. It is clean. Nice setup. Discrete.
  10. To kick in Denver or head to the springs...

    I also tried scheduling once before & had you flake out.