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  1. Boyz, tell us about someone you miss!

    It’s nice to remember some of the greats from the past… Going way back but I really miss Jenna and Prairie…they’re still my ATF. Also Cherry of Denver, Jennifer Classy Centerfold, Sweet Ashley, Jacklyn of Denver Cream, Mona, and Kia (Penthouse Pet).
  2. Going Wayyy Back...

    Wow…what a trip down the memory lane! So many blasts from the past on some of those sites. My user name used to be Dezainah and I used all of the aforementioned sites. My very first escort hire was Jacklyn from Denver Cream back in 98? LOL. I remember how beautiful she was… Some of my bests were Jenna Johnson, Cherry, Prairie, Haley from BadaBing, Celeste, Sherri, Ki or Kia (the Penthouse Pet)… Those were the good ol’ days. Thanks for this post!
  3. Tell me about money

    Yes the price has gone up but can you blame them with this inflation and the price of hotel, gas, etc.? It sucks because if you’re like me, we aren’t earning any more than we did prior to COVID and I work 50-60 hrs as is and have no capacity for a side gig. But there are still plenty of quality providers in the 400 range. Just accept the fact that 250/hr days are forever gone LOL. The simplest solution for me has been to go with the 30 min option when available. You’d be surprised how many offer it even when they don’t post it. And most don’t clock watch and work with you until you finish. Just don’t be a dick and take advantage of them. I’ve also been enjoying FBSM more. They are generally more affordable and some with excellent therapeutic skills make them an excellent value! Otherwise, just prioritize and save as much as you can afford. So what if you can’t play as often as you used to.
  4. Rising asset prices

    I’m a longtime hobbyist and mostly a lurker here these days. I don’t hobby as much anymore but I did notice some of the “going rates” which were really surprising considering the economy and the unemployment rate. Despite the fact that there seems to be more girls available than even 4-5 years ago, 400/hr seems to be the average and many visiting girls charging 600-800/hr. I’m guessing the demand is still high and majority of the hobbyists are still making good money. Luckily for ones that are hurting for cash, many providers are offering hhr sessions for lower prices. As I age, I’m finding more value and enjoyment from CMT type quality FBSM sessions than the FS and they are still very affordable😊
  5. Members you miss

    OMG, Jenna Johnson...she was so beautiful. And all the names mentioned of both the members and providers bring back so many memories. I haven’t been active on this site for years (used to go by Dezainah) but seeing this post made me smile😊 Not so much members but some ladies that have left permanent impressions on me are Jaquelin (If you remember Denver Cream agency...you’ve been in this game way too long😂), Kia (penthouse pet), Cherry (beautiful redhead), Prairie (the sweetest provider I’ve ever met), Mona and Jenna Johnson...I miss them dearly.