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  1. hello there

    Glad to see you back..
  2. What brightens your day?

    Listening to my favorite songs at high volume Watching good film while drinking scotch Blow job
  3. I had seen/reviewed the provider in question. And even after reading all posts, I would vote for you being a toad.
  4. "Extra" service at a strip club?

    +1 Although, Denver is not good as compared to many other cities in USA. FYI: "Extra" service in Denver is limited to DATY, Heavy grinding, Heavy kissing, Hand job etc. You don't have to spend too much money but just need an eye to pick right dancer. Mostly, it's fun loving, easy going and level 7+ girls. (Yes, it's mostly the pretty ones). Also the girls who comes very frequently may not let you cross the line as she do not want to loose her job. Also the one who may have just started dancing that week may think about people coming to strip clubs as losers and thus may not meet your needs. Also be ready to say "no" to second dance if you think it's not going anywhere. And be ready to spend for few dances if you get the right girl. Although, I always felt that I could have got more from escort but I can never plan a day (or even few hrs) before. But sitting at a strip club, drinking with friends, seeing half naked ladies get you into mood..and those "extra" service ( as per Denver standard) makes my day...The clubs you may try are PT's show club ( on evans) and Shot gun willies (although only try with travelling girls at shot gun). Penthouse is big no.
  5. Lingerie Preference ?

    Tank top with yoga pants..
  6. Introduction ( :

    I agree with Crazy Horse. I had seen and reviewed Hannah.
  7. "More bang for your buck" :-) should be here in TOB and must have trumped readers of "Economist". Very good article and I enjoyed it.
  8. Hobby Boards - CT & Cape Cod?

    There is a strip club "Electric blue cafe" in Tolland where u can do anything. I mean anything to everything a provider will do. BTW: There are few girls of level 8+.
  9. Poll: Hobby reports.

    #1 Yes, give us an after trip report with details, irregardless of location, etc.
  10. Strip clubs

    Shotgun Willies any time. PT's @ Evan on Saturday night only. (PT's @ Hampden is mostly miss than hit. Diamond's is too uptight.)
  11. Bitcoins provides anonymity for online services. Cash payment is simpler and provides anonymity also.
  12. Emailing an escort

    Try few ladies and just keep on trying trying.. When I was new, I was trying to prebook via phone .. and I almost gave up as nobody was answering. so just keep on trying... within few months, as you get the hang of this hobby, u can mostly get a company at short notice..
  13. Mexican, Italian, or American?

    Just keep in mind 3-4 restaurants. And at time of meeting ask her preference (as u can't predict her mood before hand). And just go to a mutually agreed upon place so that both parties enjoy.
  14. Waikiki

    We saw no hookers in Honolulu. May be we were not at the right place at right time. BTW: Strip clubs were the WORST. (Actually, it was more fun outside the strip clubs bcoz of awesome weather.)