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  1. I have traded for chiropractic adjustments. We both left happy.
  2. Been dancing around the edges for sometime...

    I'm gonna miss you Sailor! We have created some fantastic memories! Best of luck to you hun.
  3. Happy Birthday BigBaldBlk!

    Happy Birthday BBB! Hope it was fantastic!
  4. Happy Birthday thaetviking

    Happy Belated Birthday Viking! Hope it was great!
  5. New to TOB!

    Welcome to TOB!
  6. I never said hello...

    Welcome to the board Victoria!
  7. New to the forum

    Welcome to TOB!
  8. What’s your porno name?

    Koosa Ivory
  9. Seeing non-reviewed providers

    I'm a little confused. Can you rephrase the question? Are you wanting to see non-reviewed providers? If so why? Seems there are lots of wonderful women to choose from that would allow you to not be paranoid.
  10. Happy Birthday NAUGHTY DESTINY!

    Happy Birthday!
  11. chat down again?

    Man and it was getting good too!
  12. Mediian age of hobbyists- a poll

    Great poll!
  13. Happy Birthday BBB!

    Hope it was the best ever BBB
  14. Happy Birthday Fancy

    Thank you so much ak and mikey!
  15. Happy Birthday Fancy

    Thank you ur, holly, and vik!