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  1. <3 Happy Birthday Geecue2

    Happy Birthday Stud ;p
  2. Do P411 Okays get stale or expire?

    Updated OKs are always a good idea. The other thing to think about when seeing providers outside of P411 who can't contribute an OK is to ask them if they will provide references to other ladies you might want to see in the future. I've run into a few gentlemen lately who have seen ladies recently but I know that it is near impossible to get a reference from them.
  3. 411 on Julie Reynolds

    +1 Brielle. Go to the source.
  4. Ladies who is your provider..............

    I know I keep pretty quiet on this board, I'm much more happy to observe. However, this is a pretty fun post. I'm not going to reveal all my secrets but I'll admit to scrolling EB and admiring a few of the ladies. If any of you know me well, you know I have a thing for nice boobs lol
  5. Is Brielle Paige FKA Alayna Couture?

    Thank you Ameera! Girls change their name/image/numbers/emails ALL THE TIME for various reasons, some being safety. So instead of making a public discussion about it, ask her yourself, privately. I myself will be making some changes soon, and if anyone as questions about them, please email me. We love when you guys make a fuss over us, but not always in a public arena.