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  1. TOFTT

    Well I'll do a review later, but she was adorable!!!
  2. TOFTT

    I'm about to take one for the team unless someone knows something I should know,,,
  3. I haven't been an active member on this site in quite some time. Though I have remained active in the hobby. I will add my two cents though, as worthless as they may be for someone who hasn't posted in a couple years. I'll have to admit when I saw the pictures of Gorgeous Julieta I was very intrigued. I've never been with an agency girl before. So I did a little research and what little information I could find, I felt this agency was legit and I can happily report Privilege Escorts is in fact legit. It was the girl in the picture, though not all the glam, she was still a very beautiful young lady!
  4. Hate doing this but any ideas...

    I was wondering if anyone's seen Kalii Brii??
  5. Hello!!!!

    I killed him and stole his login an ATF!
  6. Hello!!!!

    Missed you all. That is all...
  7. I have been scammed

    No offense Fred, but now, at least in the eyes of the TOB community, I am no longer the biggest dork on this board. Not that I need their validation
  8. A funny thing happened on my way to my ATF...

    I know. I thought of that. I hope not. She's a good person.
  9. A funny thing happened on my way to my ATF...

    Just a title. Found out while browsing p411. Just saw her a couple weeks ago. It was a sudden retirement.
  10. A funny thing happened on my way to my ATF...

    Thanks for the concern Macho. No still alive and kicking. And now you can add horny!!!
  11. Don't get your panties in a bunch, this isn't another Phouck Variety thread. I just though after all I have said and the abuse I have taken in the past you would all get a kick out of this. My ATF RETIRED!!!! Damn, I don't think I'm cut out for this hobby...
  12. Phouck Variety!

    Thanks Pfunk! who is this "gina" and can I bang her? and another thing you suck jlc.
  13. Phouck Variety!

    Ok, that better CHL?
  14. Phouck Variety!

    Or perhaps you want this type of posts: "can any one give me a 411 on Amy. She is on back page, great legs, beautiful tits, super gorgeous. Definitely super model material. And she's only charging $20 an hour. This has to be real right... Or maybe I'll just TOFTT." Which in all honesty dumbest thing I've ever heard. Gonna risk being scammed, robbed, STD's, police or crazy ass pimp for a bunch of people who hide behind fake names, fake pictures with a holier than thou attitude! Seriously, c'mon!
  15. Phouck Variety!

    Oh dear oh dear, please forgive me for wasting your valuable time. I don't know how I'm ever going to forgive myself. After all the time you wasted reading my dribble you probably could have used it to discover the cure for cancer or discovered the meaning of life or some other useful information that would have been more beneficial to the American public. Note to self, in the future when I want to ramble on about my exploits re:date night do not do it on this intellectually stimulated board. My mistake, I thought this was for the dark and seedy side of the escort business. I did not realize it was for the upper echelon of critical thinkers, PhD's and card carrying MENSA members. Oops, my bad.