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  1. Anyone remember II?

    She posted on EB today about 8am...
  2. Great suggestion. Unless, of course, the slime that hacked Destiny's yahoo account has already done this?
  3. Escort Boards New Mona Monroe

    May I suggest Monique Monroe? Or Manrow?
  4. I'm Back...

    Welcome back! Seems like you've been gone forever.
  5. FBSM - real massage then....

    Absolutely! Can't miss given your criteria.
  6. Happy Birthday Velvet Valentine!

    Hope you had a great Birthday! You deserve it! Did you make it to Mardi Gras to celebrate being another year wiser?
  7. 411 on Alyx Longmont Massage

    Looks totally legit to me. Probably no funny business tolerated, but you never can tell without TOFTT. Worst case, so-so massage and a slap on the wrist.
  8. Passing by the Hotel

    As I cruise about the metro area with my wife, I often happen by places where good times were had. A casual glance and smile to acknowledge the fond memory are usually the result. Once she noticed me smiling (probably more like a shit-eating grin LOL) and asked what I was so happy about. Told her how much I loved her and enjoyed rambling around town with her, both true statements. :-)) Life is good in this wonderful country.
  9. Where's Charlie?

    Classy lady. Twas a pleasure to make her acquaintance. She is missed since her unexpected retirement. Let it go. She is a fond memory and has moved on, as you should.
  10. Just moved to Denver! New to Denver…Not new to the 'hobby'! :)

    Euphemistically known as "Rocky Mountain Oysters".
  11. Same Ninababy?

    Already discussed:
  12. Women's Butt Types

    Very nice! Guess I'm not much of a butt man. Standard issue and petite are my favorites. And, for the record, God bless the inventor of Yoga pants
  13. avitar confessions - what's yours?

    I always assumed your avatar was symbolic of your gentlemanly reputation and bearing on this board. Mine is obvious. That legendary candy had a tag line of "Open wide for Chunky"
  14. Better than the pics

    Tyra Scott. OMG stunningly beautiful.
  15. 411 on Karmen Houston please

    She is visiting Denver with Tyra Scott who is well reviewed. Not to worry about her bona fides!