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  1. The posibility of Colorado Companion Looking for a lady to accompany to Halloween party on the 30th. A few hours at the party and then some personal time. PM if interested
  2. Too many okays??

    Unfortunately I have been declined appointments based on my # of OKs (>100, but way less than 500) on P411, twice in fact by two local Denver ladies. Each time they mentioned they were uncomfortable with the number, not my profile. I chalked it up as "different strokes for different folks", then moved on and made an appointment with a lady who was comfortable with seeing me! I'd rather have that happen before, than have a crappy session and wonder WTF, at least she's honest with you beforehand. I think that is testimony to the system working! Btw, I am still taking applications for my next "OK" submitters!
  3. Have had good luck with - BestGFE.com & P411 for NYC - P411 for WDC
  4. I've been considering taking a tropical getaway (costa rica or Belize). Contemplating asking a local lady to accompany me (my treat of course. ) or looking into one of adult resorts that cater to the hobby. Looking to see if anyone on the board has any experiences like this and any advice. looking for responses from Hobbyists or Ladies.