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  1. 411 on Taylor BP?

    I've seen her. Best part was the shower afterwards.
  2. GREEK: GFE or PSE?

    Depends on the circumstances and the lady. If she advertises as PSE I sort of expect it on the menu; if she advertises as GFE I'm surprised if it's there.
  3. 411 on Kara

    Just posted a review under "Dakini Kara". Should be available once it has been moderated. Sorry for the delay, but she's been out-of-town and I've been swamped. Really waffled between 'Very Good' and 'Fantastic'. All the data says 'Very Good' but the emotions say 'Fantastic'.
  4. Jade Lotus

    I've also seen her for FBSM and would jump at the chance to meet her with a wider menu selection. OTOH, the ad (currently on EB) and website ( look like she offers a very expensive tantra session.
  5. 411 on "An Experience of Bliss"

    I've seen her. a_happycamper_12 is correct. OTOH, I had a great time. Will do a review if the time limit hasn't passed.
  6. 411 on 'petite natural beauty'

    Part of the problem is that her backpage ad (current ad: has essentially zero information you could use to search on the review board. All the identifying information -- name, phone, etc -- comes in the confirmation e-mail and by the time things got that far I would have felt bad canceling. Not sure if this is deliberate on her part, but it is certainly effective. She is located about a block from a retirement community, hence the 'I adore older gentlemen' phrase.
  7. 411 on 'petite natural beauty'

    Checked the review board, but I should have checked here before calling her yesterday. Anybody else get their toes nibbled on by the cat?
  8. beuller...beuller...anyone...

    She's legit; attractive and very nice. FBSM only. I'll post a review the next time I see her.
  9. Oops! My most embarrassing hobby moment

    I once accidentally picked up the donation while I was getting dressed after an appointment. She called while I was downstairs in the parking lot and I was mortified to find the envelope in my pocket. I apologized profusely and she was very understanding. Whew. Now I always check before I leave.
  10. 411 on Celeste

    Extremely attractive. Very nice.
  11. 411 on Kara

    PMs sent. I should do a review.