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  1. Well, sing it, ya pretty little vixens! I can't decide which one I like best.
  2. Advertisement preference - minimalist or wordy

    +1. Yep, me too.
  3. We All Have a Price

    Good question! Puts me in mind of the time I was watching Indecent Proposal with my soon to be ex-wife. The movie was about whether or not a married lady, played by Demi Moore (yummy), would agree to have sex with a wealthy man played by Robert Redford. The price offered by the wealthy dude was a million bucks, which is some serious coin in my book. Good movie, by the way. Anyhow, I asked my wife, the anti-christ, if she would do the thang with Redford for a million bucks. As was her habit she lied and said no, not if she was married. I called bullshit on that mess! Christ, I would do Redford in Macy’s widow at high noon on Saturday for a million dollars! Twice even! She then asked me if I would do Demi for a million. I responded that I would be glad to if I could figure a way to come up with that much money. If memory serves I slept in the truck that night. Kinda sucked. That wife, not so much with the sense of humor. People compromise principles for good reasons and bad every day. You do what you do and learn to live with it. Speaking for myself, I've done a lot worse and got my mind around it. I think probably I'm not alone in that.
  4. Women's Butt Types

    Amazon, bubble, heart. Subject to change without notice.
  5. "Done" list

    Speaking for myself I don't keep a done list. It's been my experience that the less you talk about who you see the better everybody gets along. Just sayin'.
  6. TOB Family Album

    Dang, Grits! You made me get ugly in my eye with a couple of those, amigo! I gotta get back into the hobby! I'm looking at the pictures and thinking I'd like to visit the ladies in 6, 11, 13, 15 and 16. My mind, it scares me sometimes.
  7. The only difference between rupture and rapture is salesmanship.
  8. The age spread formula

    Never have sex with a woman younger than your oldest motorcycle. Wait, that ain't right. Never have sex with a woman older than your oldest motorcycle. Nope, that's not it either. Have sex with older woman and younger women, but not with motorcycles. I knew I'd get it sooner or later!
  9. That's an Interesting Saying

    Um... I'm thinking it isn't true at all. The aroma of the other white meat is pretty heavy though. BB is right about that!
  10. Fake pic by Zky (Vail)

    LMFAO, as the youngsters say!
  11. What was your inspiration to start this hobby?

    No bashing, amigo. It seems to me that most of the women in my ballpark age-wise are either taken or insane, and I just don't have the heart for the game anymore. Plus, I just don't give good boyfriend/husband. It's a weakness. I do loves me some sexing though, and I don't have any desire to start celibating at this stage in my life. That being the case seeing providers is the best, and most honest, option for me. I wish I hadn't waited so long to get started. All in all it's been a real blast!
  12. Happy Birthday, pfunk!

    Dude! Happy freaking birthday! I hope you get your toes curled!
  13. More Snooping!

    I know, right? I wouldn't be able to sleep nights!
  14. Not making any excuses for the chick, but damn, did Zeke really feel he was justified in putting one through her for $150.00? She shouldn't have been trying to rip him off but that's some harsh shit.
  15. The first of May!

    Hooray, hooray the first of May! Outdoor fucking starts... Wait, that can't be right.