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  1. Thanks for saying so pretty lady. I really tried. And they were really good bottles of wine too, I just don't drink it haha
  2. Yeah I'm trying to figure out who to try and see now. I tend to enjoy more mature providers and I think thats one reason I've avoided things like this in the past, but just my luck I pick the one that ends up running me around. And thanks honestly it sucks, but its nice to know I'm not the only one its happened to.
  3. And that's awesome! I know it's appreciated on the clients side of things and really makes up for whatever curve ball gets thrown at us. At first she'd said she would make it up to me for the first snafu and then me being willing to reschedule, but then the next appointment is when she ghosted me completely. And I agree with everything you said in your first reply except the plenty of clients and providers to go around. One big issue is that I kind of have a type and there are only so many of that type so it can be a little limiting there haha.
  4. Thank you for responding to my post Hunter. I appreciate everyone that has offered input, but I was hoping for a providers perspective on what happened. I saw the post on the Colorado board about cancellations from the provider side of things and that made me reach out to try and figure this out. I've always tried to be good business, always respectful, always polite, always follow rules, never cancel, always do what I say I'll do, and always try to follow the ladies lead like I was taught when I started into this. The comment about one party not being respectful of the others time just hit the nail on the head for me. I just don't get how they amassed a huge number of glowing reviews and seemingly great reputation when I dealt with everything I listed that happened.
  5. But why? Did I do something to deserve that? I've been polite and tried to be accommodating. And what can I do differently? I was hoping for something constructive.
  6. So I'm not sure where else to ask for advice on this subject. I noticed the cancellation thread and decided to ask though. I've been trying to see a very reputable provider for the last couple weeks and I've had 5 appointments set that haven't happened now. The first was set the same day and she texted me at about the time we were supposed to meet up and gave me a valid reason. I was bummed out, but ultimately I understood. The next week she texted me the day of our meeting and said everyone else cancelled that day and asked if we could reschedule so she could go hiking. I wanted to be nice and understood so I said yes. We set up an appointment for a couple of days later and she requested a bottle of wine. So I bought a pretty nice bottle of wine (which I ended up giving away because I don't drink wine) and..........crickets. Heard absolutely nothing and couldn't reach her. Got ahold of her the next day and again she had a good reason. This week we set up an appointment and I bought another bottle of wine for her and she cancelled because of the smoke in the air making her feel ill.........I ended up giving away that bottle too. Today we were supposed to meet and I never heard anything so I texted her around the appointment and she said I should have reached out sooner. I thought we had an appointment set so I didn't think to do that and I've always been told where to go by the provider before an appointment. I know the last couple of years have been hard on everyone but I drastically had to change my life in order to take care of a parent with cancer and this is really the first time I've been able to try and see someone in a really long time. This particular lady is absolutely everything I'm attracted to and I've had my heart set on meeting her, especially after such a long break from this, but I'm just not sure what to do now. So genuine advice 1) Did I do anything wrong? 2) What should I do differently? I've been planning my whole week around the chance to get to do this the last couple weeks and I'm just genuinely frustrated, anxious, and kind of depressed about the whole thing. Anyways, any advice is greatly appreciated.
  7. Heading to Vegas

    Hi again. Thank you guys so much for all of the great recommendations for providers here in Denver that fit my preference. I'm heading to Vegas next week though and hope to have some time to meet a lady or two out there. Does anyone have any recommendations for cougar providers in Vegas? What about porn stars? Still new to all of this so I appreciate all of the replies. Thanks
  8. Best Cougar Providers?

    I thought that the landscape had changed a bit. I'm mostly going off of looking at reviews here and ads on BP and several of the women I remember lusting after the pictures of seem to have disappeared. My preference is between 35 and 55 usually. Thanks for the info on P411 though, after looking at some of the pages that girls offer discounts on it looks like it would be worth the money and put minds at ease on both sides of the equation.
  9. Best Cougar Providers?

    So I posted quite a long time ago asking who the best providers are that fit the cougar/MILF type. At the time I got hit suddenly with some financial trouble so I never got to use any of the references given to me. I was wondering who the best ones in town now are. Also a side question, is it a necessity to get a P411 verification? The price doesn't seem to bad, but I was wondering if it is a deal breaker in a lot of situations Thanks for the info.
  10. So I'm still really new to this and can't seem to find info on either of these ladies on here. Just curious if anyone knows anything about them or not. Zoe Stacy Thanks