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  1. Labor day weekend

    Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone have a good time this weekend😉
  2. good evening

    Hello I am kymmie I am new to the community and thought it would be best to introduce myself to all of the lovely ladies and gentlemen on this site. I travel to the Denver area from time to time and hope to become acquainted with some of you in the near future. Have a wonderful evening! [snip]
  3. Hello again tob not new to the board but haven't been active in a while just hoping to reunite with old friends and also make some new ones:)
  4. hey:) I'm back

    Thanks Love ❤
  5. hey:) I'm back

    hey just wondering what's going on in Denver for St Patricks Day. by the way Its the luck of the Irish
  6. checking in to say

    Thanks guys and yes i bougHt a warm coat
  7. checking in to say

    Stopping by to say hey
  8. been off the board awhile stopping by to say hey:)
  9. kymalexander hey:)

    hawaii was great yes i get back around april what island r u on?
  10. Lookingfor a woman of colour

    Colour is good for your health brightens up the skin and is a great stress relever. lol:D
  11. New to the hobby and new to the boards

    Welcome to the Board
  12. New to the board

    welcome to the board
  13. kymalexander hey:)

    thanks guys I appreciate the welcome.
  14. kymalexander hey:)

    back in denver been gone for awhile just stopping by to say hey.
  15. hey been out of town for a while and off this site for awhile just stopping by to say hey. ces in town anyone going to the convention?