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  1. The things you find online ? LOL
  2. Candy Colored Hair?

    I think done right it can be pretty sexy. Maybe it's just a fetish thing of mine. Like the hot pic of Jennifer Garner in the red wig....smokin IMHO !
  3. You gotta be kidding me!

    As a Coloradoan who is currently working (Exiled) in Iowa, it was no surprise when I saw this in the local news. The Midwest is a strange place!!!
  4. I think in NYC that's just a pothole. Hard on the cars but it helps curb overpopulation
  5. Dave Brubeck

    He's finally going to actually Take Five. One of my favs,
  6. Vanilla in, Chocolate Out

    +1......Geeze I read this while I'm eating lunch LOL
  7. Heck, I'll finally have an opportunity to get rid of that jar of spare change! I just suggest a thong covered with double sided tape, yea that should work!
  8. Very detailed reviews

    I don't know if there's an "ick" factor but I really want to know more about the ladies personality, attitude, in-call and such. I want to research if I think we'll ""click", if we do, I usually have a great time despite what menu items are or are not offered. Guess I like the companionship portion of a session as much as other activities. Maybe that makes me off or "unique" but I find many of these ladies fun to just be around.....I liked the recent thread on sessions without sex. I'll admit I haven't done that but it piqued my interest in alternative type sessions
  9. Actually I think I could use one of these
  10. Rip j.r.

    Ah yes, I watched I Dream of Genie as a kid too, then Dallas later on. Both great shows. Had to look him up on Wkiki for some bio, would have been a nice fit here I agree. Uh, so would Sue Ellen "Linda Gray", Quite the babe at 71 !! http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a4/Linda_Gray.jpg
  11. Hmmm....Can I go to time out With you ?
  12. Hmmmm....A loaded question with more than one answer IMHO. I think with the professional ladies such as here on TOB and EB it's a pretty good give and take. Like others have said, I look in the mirror and wonder how the providers put up with me LOL. But all in all I have had some great sessions with beautiful women where they've run past time because we got to chatting and having non intimate fun. SO here I'd say even. But on the other side are the 3G's and cash and dash who obviously take us clients for advantage. All in all, when I've done my homework on who to see, things seem pretty even....a win-win situation
  13. This always works for me....Send Jennifer Garner too and you'll get extra points
  14. Holidays

    I haven't been up there in years but doesn't Estes Park have some year-round Christmas stores?? Time for some 12-step Christmas meetings ! Chris-Anon ?