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  1. Lotion and Fragrance or no?

    I cough & gag on some perfumes (eucalyptus) so I vote for none. I can't even walk through most department stores...
  2. Permission to Review?

    I recently mentioned I'd read a review on the provider I was with and she blew up! She ranted about not giving "permission" to be reviewed. I've never asked a provider if I could review her. Isn't the review for "us guys"? Especially if it's a bad experience (this was) . . . Opinions?
  3. 411 "Amazin Asian"

    I wrote the review noted and while sitting in my car outside her door as I hoped to save others. She is bad... So much more to say but why? However, IF looks is all you wish she is more like the wider hipped photo. Certainly note the things girl. Just tryin' to help... You