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  1. New to Denver! :)

    What a stunning figure Monica! Welcome to Denver! ;-)
  2. Hello

    welcome Amber.. au naturale.. mmmm ;-)
  3. Loving the cooler weather....

    hard not to enjoy a good hike, day hike or longer adventure.. did you happen to catch the perseid meteor showers this last weekend? saw a couple beauties myself...
  4. Monday

    just winding down after a long weekend and monday.. how about you?
  5. New to denver

    welcome to co, how are you liking it here so far?
  6. what to do in denver

    There is plenty to do while in town.. indoors, outdoors, food, brews, hikes, bikes, paintball... what interests do you have?
  7. Ejoying the summer days,... nice!

    rain storms are great! fun to get caught in them, get soaked, and then cozy up after.... looks like you have some experience already with wet shirts! xox
  8. Schedules!

    Mornings are usually good, if not the best times for me.... ;-)
  9. Hello From Houston!

    Beautiful eyes Reese! The breats and nipples are quite lovely as well! ;-) Welcome
  10. variety is nice.. be they selfies or more professional, but just make them honest. I personally enjoy sexy outfits that "cover", yet reveal what's beneath at the same time..
  11. Does anyone else have this problem????

    all the time.. that is an understatement..... so much beauty out there to behold with ones eyes, if only my hands could get in as much beholding.... ;-)
  12. Spring is here๐Ÿ˜†โค๐Ÿ˜†

    Hot springs are good anytime of year... especially if you can skinny dip at them... ;-)
  13. OMG....this is HOTTTTT.....YUMMY

    quite erotic, and arousing... thank you for sharing!