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  1. Was tis a proiver? Would like to try
  2. no i never have always wanted to see that. tell me more.
  3. Isabella

    yes a small spinner I use to see use to be on Mojo cant find her '
  4. Looking for Isabella. anyone seen her?
  5. anyone seen her around been looking for her cant find.
  6. Wow really... Ok there is no arguing with that logic. Just so you know. I'm not just don't thinks it's right to beat someone up all the time. But think what you will. I don't care. Been called a lot of things but a pimp that's the 1st. Guess I will take as complement. Coming from you.
  7. No I get it! But 5 pages of beating her up. Really when I have had nothing but good times with her. So I'm not sure what's up. But enough is enough already.
  8. Leave the poor girl alone. If you don't like her then move on. But to talk this way about Anyone is wrong! You don't see her post Negitive thing about your preformace or your Negitive vibe. So please just leave her be.... It's not right...
  9. Thank you!!! Very much!
  10. Ok thanks do you know where she was headed? I travel a lot would like to see her again. Any help would be nice. Thanks
  11. Anyone seen her as of late? Does she have a new number ?
  12. Why do you say that? Mayor...
  13. Told you! She good if you are nice!
  14. You know what you are right!